Net Play

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Elevate Play for All Ages and Abilities

Playground climbing nets are capturing children’s attention, with good reason. The endless play pathways, unique physical challenge, accessibility and social skills enrichment create a dynamic style of play like no other. While traditional commercial playground equipment continues to shape children’s lives, net structures allow children to climb higher, take risks and discover new play opportunities.

Benefits of Net Climbers

  • Cognitive and Motor Skills - Sometimes called "cargo net" structures, net play features offer developmental benefits disguised as fun. Navigating the rope net experience challenges children’s motor and cognitive skills in unique ways. Balance and coordination are strengthened as children traverse the flexible-but-sturdy cables, challenging different muscle groups with each movement of the net. Kids get a lesson in cause and effect as their movements trigger a response in a different part of the structure. Simultaneously, cognitive skills like strategic planning and problem solving are stimulated while kids are working through the net’s endless paths.
  • Inclusivity - These dynamic play experiences are particularly inclusive of children of all abilities because the grippy belting offers a flexible pathway for everyone to navigate, while webs of cables support climbers when needing a rest or assistance. The clear sightlines offered by cargo net webbing allows for ease of supervising children at play, and our designs ensure that transferring onto rubberized belting is made easy for children in wheelchairs.
  • Social Development - Cargo net structures are a wellspring of social opportunity. While navigating the unsteady webs, children learn to take turns and practice working together. Climbing nets offer plenty of space for large numbers of children to play, increasing the opportunity for social connection. Large rope nets accommodate the safe play and interaction of numerous children at one time.
  • Keeps Older Kids Engaged - Older children will especially enjoy net play because it offers an appealing new type of challenge – once kids are of school age they want to be in charge of their play, scripting new opportunities and creating their own style of fun. They will work together to create imaginative scenarios fueled by the webs of rope and belting.
  • Year-Round Play - Rope net climbers adapt to the highs and lows of seasonal temperature change with ease. Net climbing cables don't get as hot in the sun as flat decks or roto pieces, so hands can grip and climb comfortably in the heat of summer. In winter weather, snow falls through the webbing of a net structure without as much accumulation, and the grippy climbing surface makes playing in icy conditions less treacherous.

Quantis® - The Next Generation of Net Play

The sculptural Quantis® line of net products is our latest evolution in cable net play. These eye-catching designs are jam-packed with fun for unscripted net exploration across twists and turns of bouncy rope formation. Net play is seamlessly incorporated with rubberized belting, and slides, swings or bridges are included to add surprise elements of added fun. Each structure is designed with enjoyment, safety and inclusivity in mind, so children of all abilities can delight in the many benefits of net play.

Video features a Landscape Structures the Quantis 8.2 play structure at Palmer Park in Port Huron Michigan.

[video: video begins with an elevated view of a park play area surrounded by lush green trees. Children play on a figure eight shape play structure as the camera slowly pans forward. Scene switches to a ground view of one of the lower curves of the play structure. Children climb across evenly spaced wide steps made of a belt material stretched between the two large curving post of the structure. The camera follows a girl as she slides down a large curved blue slide coming down off the main structure. Scene switches to children sitting, walking, and jumping on the belted step bridges of the structure. Scene switches as the camera pans the back side of larger more swagged hanging belt climbers with geometrical cut outs. Children climb on triangular climbers hung by ropes from the play structure. A crowd claps in the background. The camera pans around the play structure as children’s hands and feet can be seen climbing and playing all around. Scene switches to a woman as she stands near the large play structure full of children. White text slides into the lower left corner of the screen reading: Melanie Chandler, Co-Supervisor, Port Huron Recreation Department. Melanie speaks to the camera.]

Melanie: It has been phenomenal success. The parks been more full of children then it’s ever been before.

Melanie voiceover: When it went in people drove by and asked if we were putting in a roller coaster. They couldn’t understand what it was. Even when you come out and look at it. We were king of wondering wow, ok. What exactly is it, is it a figure eight? It’s infinity. It’s ninja warrior for kids. It’s all of that. And I looked at it and I thought this is going to be huge. And it’s so much more than we thought.

[video: the camera pans the structure as children climb on ropes and belt climbers and the curved post of the structure. Camera switches to a view up through a tightly woven net as children climb all over. Camera switches to a slightly elevated view of one of the curves of the structure with the evenly space belted steps. The camera pans around the curve as children play on the belted steps and transfer to the other rope climbers and net climbers. View switches to a panning away bird’s eye view fulling showing the unique figure eight shape of the play structure. Children play all over the structure. Scene switches as boy runs and jumps from belt step to belt step around the curve of the structure. Scene switches to a view through the long “U” shaped hanging belt loop steps as a boy swings back and forth on the last step. Scene switches as a boy swings from a curved hand hold on the top curve of the structure. Camera switches to an overhead panning view of the play structure. A large group of children play all over the structure. Scene switches to a woman as she speaks to someone off camera with the play structure blurred in the background. White text slides into the lower left corner of the screen reading: Pauline Repp, Mayor, Port Heron Michigan.]

Pauline: Well, I have to say the playground is wonderful. As you can see behind me with all the kids playing on it. How much they enjoy it. I even brought my own grandchildren up here and they just did not want to go home.

Pauline voiceover: Well as we all know during Covid, people I think had a new appreciation for going outside, doing outside activities. So, the fact that we have this along with everything else we have in our park for families, is really a plus for our community. It draws people here. I think that quality of life is one of those things that draws people to a community to live.

[video: children fun and play on the many play activities of the play structure. Camera view switches to a full elevated view of the play structure with a slow pan to the left. Scene switches to a view up at the crisscrossed ropes of the upper level of the structure. Children can walk across the gird layout of ropes from the separately placed foot pods. Two boys climb and lay on a large circular swing hanging from the top level of the play structure. Scene switches to a view of the downward slope of the structure as children walk down the grid laid out ropes. Scene switches as the camera pans the play structure as parents and children play together. Camera switches to a focused view of a tighter grid layout of ropes with square port holes for climbing up and down to the different levels of the structure. Camera briefly switches back to Pauline as she speaks. The camera follows a young girl as she climbs up onto the top grid of ropes. Scene switches a view just beyond the sidewalk that circles around the entire play structure. Children run and play all around while parents stand by and watch. Scene switches to a view of a girl as she jumps and climbs up onto a large wide belt step. Scene switches as the camera pans up a close-up of a climbing net following a girl’s feet as she climbs up to the top level of the structure. A girl stops to talk to the camera.]

Girl: I like how it’s like ninja warrior.

[video: children climb all over the nets on the structure. A boy walks across the long hanging “U” shaped belt steps. A second girl speaks to the camera.]

Girl 2: I’m seven, so I’ve been practicing. That means I’m really good at climbing so I like playing here.

[video: a girl sits on a suspended climber as she speaks to the camera.]

Girl 3: My favorite thing is the slide.

[video: scene switches to the girl as she rides down the large blue curved slide. A fourth girl tells the camera about the play structure.]

Girl 4: When your on the net it’s like your floating in the air. And I feel like I can fly!

[video: a boy closing looks into the camera lens.]

Boy: The best playground ever.

[video: a fifth girl talks about her favorite thing about the playground.]

Girl 5: Because there’s lots of things, and I like heights a lot.

[video: a girl stands on a curved play panel with geometric shape cut outs. The camera pans from her legs up to her smiling face. Two boys climb from suspended large circular swings from the top level of the play structure. A boy lens out while handing from the play structure. He smiles at the camera. A girl hugs a rope as she smiles and waves to the camera. Two more girls hanging and holding on to vertical ropes smile at the camera. A boy gives the camera two thumbs up while smiling. The camera pans around a panel as a boy in a red shirt peaks around a corner, he smiles at the camera. Screen quickly goes completely white. A black vertical line appears in the center of the screen. The Penchura logo side out to the right of the line. Then the Landscape Structures logo slides out to the left of the line. Text fades in below both logos reading: For a better tomorrow we play today. Screen fades to black and video ends.]



LSI Flexx™ : Revolutionary Cable Net Material

LSI Flexx™ is a comfortable yet durable netting material that is the latest upgrade in cable net playground experiences. It sets a higher bar for enriched net play enjoyment to come.

The steel-reinforced netting material of LSI Flexx provides kids of diverse abilities an enriched experience of play sensations: from relaxing to bouncing to climbing. Its tightly woven, polyester-wrapped galvanized steel cables are abrasion-resistant, color-stable, extremely durable and vandal-resistant. And what's best for little ones, its smooth, low-profile connection nodes are comfortable to crawl across and an ideal size for children's little hands to grasp while climbing. 

LSI Flexx cable netting is a central feature in our Smart Play Volo™ compact and play-packed playstructure.

Explore All Dynamic Net Play Structures

From soaring towers to compact bundles of springy fun, Landscape Structures brings cable net playground features to any space and every child. Are you looking to offer height to your playground, or maybe add some net play fun to an existing design? We have you covered with a spectrum of ropy play options.

Super Netplex®

Take net play to soaring heights of towering fun.


There’s no right or wrong way to play with PlayBooster® Netplex®.

Crab Trap®

Action-packed cable net play in a compact space.

Freestanding Net Play

Upgrade any playground by adding stand-alone cable net structures.

Design a Custom Net Play Experience

Have an idea you don't see above? No problem. We design one-of-a-kind custom commercial playgrounds incorporating innovative net features that are guided by your imagination and goals. We’ve created net structures that climb natural hills and twisty-turny net play tunnels that have never been seen before. Want to get inspired? Explore the slideshow below, showing a sampling of custom net-enhanced playgrounds.

Net Play Features Promote Safety, Durability and Inclusivity

  • Our patented clamping system provides a unique and flexible attachment for cable connections.
  • Climbing cables are steel reinforced for years of safe, bouncy fun. The tightly woven, polyester-wrapped, six-stranded galvanized steel cables are abrasion resistant, color stable, extremely durable and vandal resistant.
  • Belts are constructed from black, extra-thick, textured polyester-reinforced latex-free rubber belting, which ensures lasting power and grip.
  • Complementary components like slides, steppers and swing seats are made from durable, UV-stable rotomolded polyethylene and available in your choice of ProShield® colors
  • Designed with accessibility in mind so children of all abilities can enjoy the benefits of net play
  • Most cable is offered in black, red or tan, to complement any color palette.
  • Designed for safety and compliant with established safety standards