Bringing Height to the Playground with the Alpha® Tower & Alpha Link® Towers

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Modern designs deliver a physical and social wonderland where imaginations soar

Landscape Structures Inc., a Delano, Minn.-based commercial playground equipment manufacturer, is introducing height to the masses through the launch of the Alpha® Tower and Alpha Link® Towers. These dynamic structures offer numerous climbing and sliding opportunities, providing a blend of physical challenge and fun for children ages 5 to 12 while promoting social interaction with unique lookout spots.

The Alpha Tower boasts innovative climbers that beckon kids to scale the exterior, reaching heights of 4 and 8 feet, or to venture inside and ascend to the fully enclosed 12-foot deck. Inside, a compact interior offers an array of activities, enticing children to climb and explore. To add to the excitement, the Double Swoosh Slide® and the curvaceous WhooshWinder® Slide provide thrilling rides from the 8- and 12-foot decks, respectively.

For an even greater climbing challenge, playground planners can opt for the Alpha Link Towers. These two towers are interconnected by an elevated crawl tunnel, offering a sky-high scramble from one tower to the other. Multiple climbers facilitate various routes up the exteriors of both towers, culminating in the 8-foot decks, while children can reach the lofty 12-foot summit from the fully enclosed tower. Additionally, the inclusion of slides, bridges, and other engaging playground activities ensures that kids will remain captivated for hours on end.