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Shady Oak Beach

Minnetonka, MN USA


Playground Overview

Shady Oak Beach in Minnetonka, Minn., provides kids with plenty of play opportunities. In addition to the swim area, this beach-front playground has a playground for 5- to 12-year-olds. The nature-inspired PlayBooster® playstructure invites kids to climb up the Log Steppers, then slide down inside a log! Young archaeologists will be inspired by the giant fossil hidden within the surrounding sand—and a unique funnel system lets kids put the sand back where it belongs. Closer to the beach, children will find another PlayBooster playstructure attached to an exciting Evos® playsystem for even more climbing, spinning, balancing and sensory experiences.

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  • Project Price Range

  • $80K-$99K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features a nature-inspired playground at Shady Oak Beach in Minnetonka Minnesota.

[video: fade in to a recycle wood plank panels with a plaque reading: The Shady Oak Beach Community Play Area was made possible by a Youth Sports Grant received from the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners. Jointly, the city councils of Minnetonka and Hopkins dedicate this area to its citizens for their recreational enjoyment this 10th day of June, 2011.]

[video: children rush across a large play sand area with different sized rock climbers and overhead SkyWays shade systems. A group of children inspect a rock climber for carvings and fossils. Camera close-up of two boys backs as they point to something on one of the rock climbers. A boy watches as a man turns a wheel on the water play table. The boy watches as they water trickles down the different tears of the table. A woman looks down a with a young boy at a rock tide pool play fountain.]

[video: Elevated view of children and adults playing at the sand and water play tables underneath the SkyWays playground shades. Three children dig in the sand looking for buried fossil stones. A boy wears a helmet camera and runs across the sandy playground. He runs up to a boy inspecting a rock climber. The boy wearing the camera says: Oh cool! He points to the bottom of the rock climber. The boy shouts: Oh, a fish! He points to a different area of the rock climber. The boy walks around the rock climber finding different fossil carving in the rocks.]

Boy: The star fish! Oh, look at this new… shell.

[video: the boy kneels to see another hidden fossil at the bottom of the rock climber.]

Boy: Here, oh right there. That looks like fish bones.

[video: a mother kneels by her son a she points to something off camera for her son to look at. A group of children play at the rock tide pool fountain. Close-up of children’s hands as they submerge them into the small tide pools. Camera zooms out from a girl’s face as she smiles at the camera. A boy’s hands spin a wheel to alter the flow of the water on the play water table.]

[video: a girl picks up a handful of sand and tosses it into a funnel at the sand play station. She turns a wheel containing three funnels. A second girl standing at the sand play station grab a handful of sand and walks over to dump it into the funnel. Top down view of the funnel the girls are playing with. One of the girls spins the wheel with the funnels again dumping out sand back onto the ground.]

[video: close-up of a playground post designed like a tree. Two nozzles at the top of the tree begin to mist out water. Children sand next the tree to be misted with the water. Camera switches to a helmet camera. They person wearing the helmet stands under the mister tree as water mists down. Camera zooms in on a boy as he cringes his shoulders from being misted with water. A toddler pushes himself up in the entrance of a log crawl tunnel. As he stands up his mother shouts to him.

Mother: Watch your head!

[video: a young girl laughs as she walks up to a tunnel slide. She sits down and slides down the tunnel slide away from the camera. Camera switches back to a worn helmet came. The boy wearing the camera walks up to the Discovery Tree Climber. He walks up to a tree branch stump with an age ring tracing maze.]

Boy: Whoa! It’s a… maze.

[video: camera pans up as a young boy climbs up the wood planks of the Discovery Tree climber. A mother cheers off camera for her son.]

Mother: There you go. [she cheers]

[video: two boys kneel by the base of the Discovery Tree Climber where a realistic squirrel statue is located. Camera focuses on the squirrel statue as a boy runs up and points to the statue. Scene change to the water play station as children play. Close-up of a boy’s hands as he pushes in the lever to release the water. Close-up of the water flooding out the nozzle at the play water station.]

[video: a boy kneels by the rock climber inspecting the fossil carvings. Two toddlers throw handfuls of dirt into a bucket at the sand play station. A woman helps them fill the bucket with sand.]

Woman: Can you fill it? Look at that.

[video: a girl tips the bucket over the sand play table pouring out the sand.

Woman off camera: Oh boy look! There it all goes! And it’s coming back out.

[video:  a boy skims his hand over the top of one of the small pools on the rock tide pool play rock. The camera pans down the rock following the flow of the water to a lower pool. Elevated view of a second playground structure set closer to a lake beyond the sand play area. Children runs and climb all over the play structure.]

[video: Children climb up a AdventureScapes rock and rope climber. Elevated view of the SpaceWalk rope bridge on the beach playground area. A boy climbs up the ropes attached to the AdventureScapes rock climber. Close-up of children’s feet as they walk across the SpaceWalk rope bridge. Leaves blow in the wind in the foreground a girl climbs up a Cascade climber. A sign reading [Sand Play Area] stands in the foreground as children sit at the top of an AdventureScapes rock climber.]

[video: a boy spins a girl as she stands on the Blender spinner. Close-up of a girl’s bare feet as she climbs up a rope climber. A young girl climbs on the ropes of a Hemisphere climber. Two boys stand on the ropes leaning over the top support arch of the Hemisphere climber.]

Boy climbing: I’m on a spider web.

[video: Full view of the Hemisphere climber and Blender spinner as children play all around. A girl sits on the Blender spinner as two girls walk up to her.]

Girl: Do you want me to spin you?

[video: Top down view of two girls sitting at the top of a rock climber. A third girl climbs up towards them. One of the girls sitting bends her head backwards to look up and smile at the camera. Close-up of a boy as he is being spun around on the Blender spinner. Children walk across the SpaceWalk rope bridge. A young boy kneels and spins the gears of a Gear spin panel. Two boys play on a Bongo drum play panel.]

[video: camera switches to a boy wearing a helmet camera. He points to a learning wall with a beveled spiral shape in the plastic.]

Boy: Oh, look at [space ship noises]

[video: the boy traces his finger through the grooves of the spiral. The boy walks up to an Alpha maze panel and begins to sign the alphabet.]

[video: Top down view of a girl kneeling at a Marble play panel. She franticly rollers her hands over the many marbles making them rattle. Close-up of the marbles as the girl continues to quickly move her hands over them.]

[video: camera slowly zooms in on a boy as he slowly spins on a Gyro Twister playground spinner. He giggles and smiles as he spins. A young girl hangs upside down from the cargo net of the Hemisphere climber. Camera come into focus on a young toddler as he looks around the playground. A girl standing by the playground bends at the waste and laughs at her friend. A young girl smirks at the camera from across the playground.]

[video: Three boys sit at the top of an AdventureScapes rock and rope climber while children and parents walk around the play area. Two groups of girls swing on the two tire swings in the swing set area. Three girls spin above the camera on the tire swing. A mother pushes her daughter in a full bucket seat swing towards the camera. Scene switch back to the swing set area where a group of children play on a tire swing. A lone girl plays on the second tire swing next to the group, fade to black.]

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