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North Bend Preschool

North Bend, NE USA


Playground Overview

On the bucolic plains of North Bend, Nebraska, this charming playground hosts kids ages 2 to 5 for days of never-ending play. On the Weevos® playsystem, they’ll come up with numerous inventive ways to climb, hang, flip, reach through, pull up, slide down and do it all over again. The Clear Paint Panel lets little ones experience the joys of outdoor painting, just like the old masters. Kids can climb into the Cozy Dome® head first or feet first, then hang out with friends inside or on top. Weevos provides a feast for the imagination.

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Playground Details

  • Project Price Range

  • $20K-$39K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features a Landscape Structures Weevos play structure at North Bend Preschool in North Bend Nebraska.

[video: fade in to a view of a field of dried corn stocks. Camera zooms in closer to corn stocks as they gently blow in the wind, fade out. Fade in to a wood plank sign outside a brick building. Sign reads: North Bend Elementary, Dedicated to the memory of John Samuelson. Fade out, fade in to a view of the fenced in play area with Weevos play structure, Cozy Dome and Sand Table station.]

[video: a line of children exits a building and walk towards the camera. People cheer off camera as the children exit. Camera switches to a full view of the fenced in playground area. A young girl climbs on the outside of the Cozy Dome and children take turns sliding down the Cozy Coaster slide on the Weevos play structure.]

[video: top down view of the stairs leading up to the Cozy Coaster slide. Two girls play on the Wee Planet climber. A young boy looks up at the camera as it pans across the playground.]

[video: a young girl rides on a Bobble spring rider. Camera pans up as two children finger pants on either side of the Clear Paint panel. Camera zooms in on the young boy’s hand as he swirls his green and blue paint on the Clear Paint panel.]

[video: camera close-up of a young boy as he sits at the top of the Cozy Coaster slide. The boy slides down the slide out of frame. Camera switches to a young girl spinning herself on the Saddle seat spinner. Camera switches back to the top of the Cozy Coaster slide as several boys slide down out of frame.]

[video: a young girl spins the steering wheel and shifter on the Navigator panel. Camera switches to the inside of the Cozy Dome as a young girl sprinkles down wood chips onto the camera. Camera switches to Morgan Root the Early Childhood special education teacher as she speaks to the camera.]

Man off camera: Over all thoughts about the new playground.

Morgan: I love it.

Morgan voiceover: the kids that are very active on it they like to run and play and climb on it and they like the things that move.

[video: camera pans across the Weevos play structure as children rush to the stairs leading up to the Cozy Coaster slide. A young girl pulls herself up on the Wee Planet climber. Camera shoots upwards towards a boy riding on the Bobble spring rider.]

Morgan: They also build a lot of gross motor skills-

Morgan voiceover: climbing up and down spinning and getting their balance climbing on the dome that kind of thing builds their-

[video: a young girl lays on the seat of the Saddle spinner and slowly rotates herself.  Camera switches to a boy in the Cozy Dome as he stands up and grabs the different size viewing holes. Two boys run over to either side of the Navigator panel.]  

Morgan: a lot of their gross motor skills.

Morgan voiceover: we spend about twenty to thirty minutes out here a day and they run and by the time that time is up they’re ready to go in-

[video: a young boy climbs up the stairs to the Cozy Coaster slide. Camera switches to a young girl spinning a boy on the Saddle seat spinner. Camera zooms in on the boy’s face and he is being spun, he smiles. Camera switches to a top down view of three children climbing on the outside of the Cozy Dome.

Morgan: and sit down for lunch so they have a lot of fun on it.

[video: a young girl squats on the disc while holding onto the rope of the Disc Challenged bridge. She lifts herself up by the rope to stand. Camera switches to a top down view of a boy as he rides the Bobble spring rider. Camera close-up of a child’s finger as they dip into a cup of light blue paint. Camera close-up of the child’s finger as they draw a squiggly line across the Clear Paint panel. Camera pulls back for a full view of the Clear paint panel as two children continue to finger paint. Camera switches to a top down view of the young girl finger painting. Camera zooms in on the young girl as she holds her hands up in front of her face to show them covered in paint.]

[video: camera switches to a point of view camera as a child slides down the Cozy Coaster slide. The boy’s feet raise up into the frame as he slides down the slide. The camera jiggles as the boy runs across the playground past over children.]

[video: a young boy spins himself on the Saddle seat spinner while another boy rides the Bobble spring rider. Two boys paint at the Clear Paint panel while children continue to slide and climb on the Weevos play structure. Fade to black.]

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