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Miracle League of Milwaukee Complex

Milwaukee, WI USA


Playground Overview

Baseball and playgrounds are things every child should be able to enjoy. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Miracle League accessible baseball field also boasts an inclusive playground featuring a PlayBooster® playstructure and an Evos® playsystem. Here, children ages 5 to 12 can all board the wheelchair-accessible Sway Fun® Glider, swing until they’re silly, then watch the game from the play area. Rich colors, sunny yellow CoolToppers® shade systems and inspiring activities encourage children of all abilities to play, learn and grow together.

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  • $200K-$500K+

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features The Miracle League Werner Family Foundation Baseball Field and Landscape Structures inclusive playground at the Miracle League of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

[video: fade in to an overhead arched sign reading: Werner Family Foundation Field. Families stand behind the back stop of the field as they cheer on the players. An announcer speaks over the loud speaker.

Announcer: A home run, here comes the tying now.

[video: camera zooms in on welcome sign to the field. Camera switches to a view of a fence banner that reads: The Miracle League of Milwaukee. Camera switches to a full elevated view of the entire baseball field as a game is being played. Announcer speaks on the loud speaker.

Announcer: This will make it three… [crowd cheers]

[video: a boy holding a volunteer’s hand skips towards home plate to score.

Announcer: Now he is going from third!

[video: a boy up to bat swings and hits the ball that is pitched to him. The crowd cheers as he drops the bat and runs towards the camera to first base. A group of people sit on bleachers and cheer for the players.]

[video: two volunteer girls kneel by a young girl as she stands in centerfield. A woman pushes a young boy in a wheel chair down the first base line.

Announcer: Now getting to first.

[video: Camera zooms in on a boy as he holds his baseball glove up to his chest waiting for the next play. A boy wearing a Minnesota Twins t-shirt quickly rounds third base and runs towards home plate.]

Announcer: He’s looking for his second home run of the game and he’s going to be in there!

[video: volunteers help players get ready to walk out on to the field from the dugout. A volunteer walks behind a young boy as he jogs to home plate. He holds a stuff Curious George stuffed animal in his left hand as he jogs. Camera zooms in on a young boy as he and his volunteer “buddy” walk from the on-deck batters circle to home plate. Scene switch to the young boy as he hits the ball off the tee. Camera fallows the boy as he runs to first base.]

[video: A young boy with a walker walks himself up to home plate to the batter’s box. He positions himself and waits for the pitch. Camera switches to behind the boy as the ball is pitched to him. The boy hits the ball with an aluminum bat making a large “ding”. The crowd cheers. He drops his bat and begins to run to first base. The young boy reaches first base and begins to round the base to run to second base.]

Announcer: He’s going to try and stretch this one into a double!

[video: camera switches to a young boy as he sits at the pitcher’s mound. He starts to get up from his sitting position when the camera switches scenes to two young boys high fiving each other.]

[video: side view of a girl as she runs from third base to home plate.]

Announcer: Coming to score from second, she’s in there!

[video: the camera pulls back for a full view of the ball field. A young boy runs from third to home plate as an outfielder tosses the ball in towards the shortstop.]

Announcer: Got to make it all the way in, safe at home!

[video: a woman bends down to a young girl wearing protective ear muffs. The woman points with her hand wearing a baseball glove out to somewhere on the field. A girl runs from second base to third, she high-fives several volunteer “buddies” along the way.]

[video: camera switches to an elevated panning view of the playground area next to the inclusive baseball field. A woman wearing sunglasses speaks to the camera.]

Woman: The playground that they’ve added on is amazing.

Woman voiceover: We were here on Saturday and doing the sway fun and things that all the kids in wheelchairs and everyone can enjoy.

[video: camera pans across the playground showing the PodStomper bridge and surrounding PlayBooster playground. Scene switches to a young girl standing in a surf position on the Sway Fun glider. A woman outside the Sway Fun most the glider with her hands, the young girl stumbles a bit as she loses her balance.]

[video: A mother transfers her daughter from her wheelchair to a Full Bucket seat swing with harness. The mother clicks the harness down to lock it in place. Camera zooms in on the young girls face as she wiggles and smiles with joy as her mother begins to push her swing. A child screeches off camera.]

[video: a woman begins to speak to the camera.]

Woman 2: For a parent who has a special needs child, it gives that child a place to be able to come-

Woman 2 voiceover: safe, have a good time like the other children do. A lot of communities don’t have anything and so this is a really big plus for everybody.

[video: a young girl climbs up and on the Ring Tangle climber while a young boy swings on a swing set nearby. Camera zooms in on a young boy wearing a baseball hat backwards as he crawls on the playground. A woman spots a young girl as she steps up to the monkey bars on the playground. The woman grabs the young girl’s sides to lift her up to grab one of the rungs. The young girl grabs onto the hand hold and dangles there. Camera switches back to woman speaking to camera.]

Woman 2: Anybody who ever has a normal child that can still come in here interact with an adaptive child.

[video: camera fallows a young boy as he runs across the playground area. A girl races on the Log Roll runner. The camera zooms in on the girl’s feet as she spins the roller. The girl giggles as she runs.]

[video: Two children swing opposite directions on a swing set as two other children push kids in the Full Bucket Seat swings with harnesses.  Camera slowly pans out as a child walks across the PodStomper bridge away from the camera. Children play all over the Evos play structure with climbers and spinners. Camera switches to three children playing on the Disc Challenge rope bridge. A woman wearing a white shirt speaks to the camera.]

Woman 3: I think anybody can use it with the ramps-

Woman 3 voiceover: and a lot of new stuff that isn’t at normal parks.

[video: A girl spins by herself on the Gyro Twister spinner. Camera switches to a girl holder her baseball glove as she watches other children playing on the playground. A young boy wearing his baseball hat backwards steps of from the playground decking. He freezes when he notices that he is being filmed.]

[video: A woman standing next to a young girl ask her a question.]

Woman: What do you like about the playground Emily?

[video: the young girl smiles up at the camera and gives a thumbs up.]

Woman: Is it awesome? It’s great because you can use it all by yourself.

[video: camera pans up to the woman after speaking to the young girl and begins to speak to the camera.]

Woman voiceover: She access all by herself which is really nice. She got here ran over right away.

[video: camera switches to Emily as she climbs up on a rock climber all by herself. Camera switches back to the woman speaking to the camera.]

Woman: It’ll be hard to get them off of this maybe to go play and vice versa. We’ll have to see which is the bigger draw, but it’s really nice to have this here and her siblings they come too so, when her brother comes to watch games will be fun for him to do this as well.

[video: camera switches to a young girl as he holds hands with his volunteer “buddy” as they round third base.]

Announcer: About to round third. Keep going!

[video: fade in to a boy as he throws the ball towards the camera to his partner. Scene switch to a young boy as he holds hands with his volunteer “buddy” as they run in slow motion from first to second base. Scene switches to three children sliding down the Cloudburst slide together on the playground. Camera zooms in on the young girl as she sits at the bottom of the slide. Her hair stands up from the static electricity, she smiles at the camera. Camera zooms in on a young boy as he smirks and waves into the camera.]

[video: camera pans across the Evos play structure as children climb on the Ring Tangle climber and spin on the Gyro Twister. Fade to black, The Miracle League logo appears. A plus sign appears on screen and is quickly replaced with the Landscape Structures logo.]

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