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Plains Minnow Park

Regina, SK Canada


Playground Overview

This playground brings a sunny, modern aesthetic to the neighborhood with a PlayBooster® playstructure for kids ages 5 to 12 and Smart Play®: Cube 2-5. The main playstructure is host to a wide range of climbing choices like the Vertical Ascent® Climber, which is designed like a climbing wall with added safety considerations that make it an ideal choice for kids. From there, kids can continue to sharpen their problem solving skills and core body strength on the Traveler Climber or Sky Rail Climber. For a different kind of sensory thrill, kids can hop on the Flywheel® Spinner or glide down the Gemini SlideWinder2®.

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 2 to 5 Years
    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • CSA
  • Installed

  • August 2016
  • Design/CAD Files

  • Min Area Required

  • Total Area: 59' x 48' (17,98 m x 14,63 m)
    2-5 Area: 23' x 22' (7,01 m x 6,71 m)
    5-12 Area: 48' x 36' (14,63 m x 10,97 m)

  • Max Fall Height

  • 79" (2,01 m)

  • Project Price Range

  • $60K-$79K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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