PlayShaper® Playgrounds

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Components Sized for Preschoolers & Toddlers

Preschoolers can have it all with the PlayShaper® playsystem. They’ll develop physical skills, learn cooperative play and grow their creative minds—thanks to sensory-rich playground panels, climbing adventures and fun playground slides. Even more, safety is built in to each playground design with our precision manufacturing.

All PlayShaper® components are designed and manufactured with 2-to-5-year-old bodies and brains in mind. Our TenderTuff™-coated surfaces mean that little hands and feet stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. No surfaces will become too hot or cold to touch regardless of sun exposure or weather conditions. Flush-fit engineering keeps clothing, fingers and toes from getting caught in small crevices.

PlayShaper® playsystems are designed with cooperative play and shared imagination in mind, so children's social skill development is enhanced. Double slides, climbers and bridges allow several children to navigate the space at once, offering them the opportunity to collaborate and negotiate. Colorful learning panels abound, and encourage creativity while building cognitive skills and sensory exploration.

Safety is of utmost importance for this age group. Clear sightlines within these structures allow supervisors to keep an eye on the action.

Let curious young minds go exploring on a safe and durable PlayShaper® playground structure. Scaled to size for preschoolers, these play systems invite youngsters to develop their physical skills while learning the social and emotional skills needed for community life.

PlayShaper® Conical Climber®