Park & Playground Designs for Ages 13+

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Staying active at all ages

Older kids and adults might have left the traditional playground behind, but they are still seeking ways to move their bodies and challenge their minds. Whether middle-school aged or senior, people over 13 need outdoor fitness options just like kids do.

That's why we've created commercial playground elements for ages 13 through adult to allow those of us who no longer fit the definition of "kid" to still play like one.

We offer a wide variety of fitness-based options that meet the needs of this age group. From workout machine circuits to outdoor ninja warrior courses, you’ll find choices that this diverse age group will love. There are introductory level options like inclusive Tai Chi Wheels that promote meditative calm, flexibility and coordination, as well as super demanding options like the FitCore™ Extreme Ledge Hanger for those seeking rigorous challenge.

Explore the options below to find features that are right for your community.