Playground Components for All Ages

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Kids of all ages love playgrounds, but not all playground components are appropriate for every age group. At Landscape Structures we make it easy for you to plan the ideal playground by providing commercial playground components that meet the specific needs of the target age group.

Children 6 to 23 months are just beginning to explore the world around them, and experiment more with movement. That's why small scale structures with gentle slides and crawl tunnels that are sized just right for them are the ideal play components for this age group.

2- to 5-year-olds are growing more independent, more communicative and more social. Our preschool components are a bit larger, with imaginative play elements and learning panels teaching the fundamentals of language, math and science.

School-aged kids are looking for unscripted, novel experiences that will challenge their minds and bodies. Taller slides, towers, spinners, climbers and monkey bars are the fundamental play elements for this group, while more unique play components like zip lines and cable net climbers are enticing because they are more challenging and exhilarating.

Play components for kids 13 and older no longer look like "play components" but are rather the kinds of fitness and exercise equipment that will take them through adulthood. Outdoor circuit training machines and ninja warrior course features are the cornerstone items for this age group.

Whether you're designing a playground for one of these age groups or all of them, we are happy to offer equipment that provides the right level of challenge and safety for people from 0 to 100. Explore the links below to explore the variety of commercial play equipment available.

6 to 23 Months

Playground components sized for infants

2 to 5 Years

Playground components perfect for toddler & preschoolers

5 to 12 Years

Playground components for school-age children

13+ Years

Fitness components for middle schoolers & adults