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Greet playground visitors with a helpful Welcome Sign, prominently displaying the playsystem age range and safety information for kids and their supervisors, enhancing the value of your purchase.

Evos®, Weevos®, PlayBooster®, PlayShaper®, Smart Play®, Hedra®, Forma™ and PlaySense® playsystem orders may be eligible for a free welcome sign. Restrictions apply. Additional signs may be purchased for multiple entry points or to retrofit an existing playground,


  • Printed on 1/8" aluminum plate for extreme durability

  • ASTM-required safety wording

  • Six age ranges available

  • Welcome message and safety information appears on both sides

  • Post is ProShield®-finished to match your playsystem


  • Sign panel available in gray ProShield only

  • Permalene® edge protector available in black only (not shown on all images) 

  • Available in direct bury and surface mount

ProShield Finish

ProShield® Finish

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