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Providing safety and durability to play areas



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PebbleFlex® playground safety surfacing provides enhanced safety and durability to create play areas where the fun never has to stop.



  • Allows easy access for wheelchairs and walkers
  • Comprised of tiny spherical aliphatic polyurethane pebbles that are abrasion resistant and UV stable
  • Cushion layers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material; pebbles are made of 20% post-industrial recycled material, and are all recyclable
  • Proprietary bond process is stronger than typical non-bonded rubber granule surfacing
  • Easy to customize designs or patterns
  • Efficient installation process

PebbleFlex is available in limited geographic areas. Contact us today to see if it is available in your area.

pebbleflex color blends

Color Blends

Color is an important decision. And we’ve got lots to choose from. Find our color blend options on the Breakthrough Surfacing page or work with your local playground consultant to determine what’s best for you.


We combine the benefits of design, technology and safety into breakthrough, high-performance solutions for playground and water play safety surfacing: PebbleFlex® and AquaFlex®. PebbleFlex and AquaFlex use an advanced bond-in-place technology where millions of pebbles bond together to create an unparalleled surface that stands up to the demands of weather extremes and active use. See our surfacing products.


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