AquaFlex® Water Play & Pool Surfacing

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Soft, durable surfacing for the splash pad, pool or water park allows kids to stay safe and have fun at the same time, by providing a soft, cushiony flooring that is also waterproof and non-slip. To keep kids both happy and safe, it's important to offer technologically advanced safety surfacing that has the resilience to match the energy of kids at play.

AquaFlex®, offered by Landscape Structures in partnership with Surface America, is a water play surfacing solution that comes in porous and non-porous options, to meet the needs of your spray park. It is a pour-in-place or bond-in-place waterproof flooring that significantly improves safety, durability, maintenance and the long-term aesthetic appeal of your aquatic space. In addition to splash pads, AquaFlex safety surfacing solutions are also well-suited for pool decks, spa areas and locker rooms.

For questions about water play surfacing, a quote, or for questions about your AquaFlex® warranty, please contact a consultant.