5000 Series Swings

Swing high!

The 5000 Series Swing is a playground classic, and is the perfect addition to any commercial playground. 5000 Series Swings come in 8' or 10' heights, and the traditional design will complement a playground of any style. 

Each bay accommodates up to two swings, but you can add additional bays to provide swinging fun for many kids at one time. Choose from a selection of swing seats to make your swing set accessible to children of all ages and abilities with a bucket swing seat for toddlers and the molded bucket seat for those that need upper-body stability.

Looking to complement a certain playground color theme? Posts for the 5000 Series can be painted a spectrum of colors to match any playground scheme.

For maximum safety, choose a swing frame with anti-wrap hangers. These hangers eliminate the chance for wrap-arounds, seizing and breaking of swing chains.

Explore the many options offered by the classic 5000 Series swing frames below.