Bike Racks

Riding bikes to the playground is a classic childhood activity. So, ensure your park has a safe and secure landing place for bikes with a few durable and attractive bike racks. Not only will kids appreciate the rack to secure their valuable possessions, but families will utilize them too on days when they take trips to the park for picnics or watching kids play.

Bike racks are a great visual reminder to the public that biking is a healthy alternative to driving, and parks are an ideal place to provide options to support exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.

From traditional to nature inspired to modern we have bike racks for all settings.

What is the style of your playground? We have a variety of options. Select the loop rack for a more traditional look, or the arches for a modern, geometric style. The leaf rack is ideal for nature-inspired play areas but it's a great accent to any outdoor space.

Durability is a top concern when it comes to bike racks as they can certainly take a beating over time. Racks are made from strong, galvanized steel, and can be finished with a durable ProShield® color that will not only last long, but provide a touch of beauty to your environment.

Explore our bike rack options below to find the right one for your park or playground!