SkyWays Single Post Pyramid

Have fun in the sun, without the burn!

SkyWays® Single Post Pyramid is great for areas that need shade in one area, but don't have a lot of available ground space. The single post makes it easy to fit this shade into a tight spot.

Adding commercial shade to your playground, park or outdoor recreation area is a fantastic way to let people enjoy the outdoors for longer. Having shade to cool off and refresh lets visitors relax in the outdoors without concern for overheating or sunburn. Our SkyWays shade structures have been proven to keep areas up to 30-degrees cooler, so they are an effective way to stay cool even in intense summer heat.

Shade fabric comes in a wide variety of colors, and posts can coordinate with any ProShield® finish color. Add an attractive element to your environment with a pop of shade color, or choose a muted color to blend into the natural surroundings. 

Single Post Pyramid designs have a variety of entry heights, and a spectrum of shade sizes, so you can find the ideal complement for your outdoor recreation environment.