SkyWays Single Post Hypar

Versatile shade requiring minimal space

SkyWays® Single Post Hypar commercial shade structures are a a beautiful and economical way to provide shade in any outdoor environment. They are an ideal option for a small space because the single post doesn't take up much room. The unique and attractive shape of the Hypar sail maximizes shade from the sun.

Sun shades are an ideal way to extend time outdoors. Any playground, park or outdoor recreation area can benefit from a shaded space so visitors can take a break from the sun when needed. SkyWays shade structures have been proven to keep areas up to 30-degrees cooler so visitors stay more comfortable while enjoying the outdoors.

SkyWays Single Post Hypar shade structures come in a variety of sizes: shades run between 10'x10' and 16'x16', and entry heights are available between 8' and 14'. So, it's easy to find the size that's right for your space.

Shade fabrics come in a variety of colors, to add just the right complement to your area, and with our patented Rapid Release® technology, shades are simple to remove when needed.

Explore the options of Single Post Hypar shades below to find the right shade solution for your outdoor space.