SkyWays Hexagon, Single Layer

Artistic Design

SkyWays® Hexagon, Single Layer is a uniquely shaped shade structure that provides cooling shade to large, round areas. Offering shade sizes in 35 to 50-feet in diameter, Hexagon shade systems are an excellent choice for any outdoor recreation area that's in need of a big patch of shaded space. Shade structures are a perfect addition to any outdoor area: parks, playgrounds, outdoor eating spaces, pools, sports fields and more.

The benefits of shade are significant. Adults and children both will stay outside for longer, enjoying the benefits of outdoor play and recreation, when they have access to shade. Periods of activity can be offset by cooling rests under a shade structure. SkyWays shade sails have been proven to keep areas up to 30-degrees cooler, which is a notable improvement in temperature on a hot, sunny day.

SkyWays shades come in a spectrum of colors, and Hexagon-shaped shades can use two alternating colors for a particularly festive look. Add a splash of color to your space or find a color that blends in. Add logos or designs to your shade fabric to personalize your outdoor environment.

For easy removal of shade fabric for cleaning or seasonal transitions, SkyWays Hexagon, Single Layer shades are available with patented Rapid Release technology, which allows for quick, easy removal of shade fabric.

If the Hexagon shade structure is what you're looking for, explore the options further below.