SkyWays Hexagon, Double Layer

Enjoy Maximum Coverage

SkyWays® Hexagon, Double Layer panels block even more sun, and their beautiful, layered design makes them a functional and attractive addition to any outdoor space. Offer visitors refreshing shade at any park, playground, athletic facility, aquatic center, school, parking lot, dog parks or outdoor music venues. The opportunities are endless.

Use coordinating or contrasting colors on the overlapping, protective shade panels to create a bold look, or one that blends into the surroundings. Regardless of shade color, this expansive shade structure will keep visitors cool and safe in the outdoors. SkyWays shade sails have been proven to keep areas up to 30-degrees cooler. That's a big impact on comfort levels on sunny and hot days.

The SkyWays Hexagon, Double Layer shade structure comes in a range of 35 to 50-feet in diameter. Select the right option for your design!