Friendship® Swing

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This multi-user commercial playground swing is one size fits all, from two kids to a multigenerational family. The Friendship® Swing is a great way for siblings, parents and grandparents to enjoy time together. The Friendship Swing comes complete with its own swing frame or in an additional bay frame to add on to other swings. One Friendship Swing per bay.

Video features a family as they swing together on a Friendship Swing.

[video: scene fades into a man as he places a young boy on a woman’s lap sitting on the friendship swing across from a young girl.]

Woman: Come here!

[video: the woman situates the boy on her lap as the man walks around the swing. The young girl seated across the woman says hello to the young boy. The man begins to push the friendship swing. The woman laughs as the young boy rocks in her lap.]

Woman: He’s trying to pump.

[video: close-up of the Friendship swing connector as the chains sway back and forth. Scene switches to a side view of a woman as she pushes the children in the friendship swing. The man laughs off camera. Camera angle changes to behind the children as they swing. The children giggle as they swing. The boy on the swing shouts: Wee!]

[video: the man speaks off camera.]

Man: That is pretty cool.

[video: camera switches to a side view of the children swinging. The woman pushes the children and laughs. Scene switches to the man and woman swinging with the young boy on the mans lap. Camera switches to the side of the swing where the woman sits.]

Woman: You don’t have an owie.

[video: scene switches to a top down view of the boy and girl as they swing on the friendship swing. Camera angle changes to a side view as the children continue to swing.]

Woman: You going to swing?

[video: scene switches to a side view of the woman and young girl as they swing together on the friendship swing. Camera angle changes to a top down view as the girl and the woman swing. Scene switches to the camera mounted to the back of the friendship swing where the woman sits holding onto her son. The young girl smiles across from the woman while they swing. The boy turns to the camera smiles and screeches with excitement. The woman makes a whooshing noise and the boy giggles. Camera switches to the opposite side of the swing viewing the mother and son as they swing. The boy and the woman giggle as they swing. Scene fades to black.]

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