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Imagination is our playground. Discovery is our playground. Achievement, growth, excitement, friendship, cooperation, challenge. These are our playgrounds, too. It’s all here. Because this structure holds so much more than it seems. Just like you. And just like me. Welcome.

Welcome to Our World of Play

At Landscape Structures, we’re serious about play. Because play gives kids the tools they’ll need and use for the rest of their lives. With more than 50 years in business, we’ve always focused first on creating the best of play. From striking design, to industry-leading innovation, to truly inclusive play environments, we know that ours isn’t always the easiest approach, but it’s the right one. For kids, families, communities and the industry as a whole. We play by putting our hearts, minds and talents into enabling better play for all. Welcome to our playground. 

Where Imagination Rules

Thoughtful and imaginative design has always been central to how we work. Creativity is our playground, and getting to explore ideas that boost the wow factor and inspire
all kids, well that’s how we play.

Central to our design philosophy is the idea that while the look of a playground matters, play matters the most. Does the playground beckon kids to play? Does it spark their imagination? Does it challenge them? Does it keep
them interested? Does it enhance the community? These questions are where we start the design process. The answers take us to beautiful, creative, exciting possibilities that blend color, form, texture and theme into richly immersive play experiences.

We invest our time in understanding the innate psychological connections children
and adults have with aesthetic choices, such as color. Such selections, while seemingly simple, are actually a critical part of making playspaces that match children’s cognitive development and continue to draw them in year after year.

To us, design can only function in service to play. It’s a belief that runs throughout our work, and influences how we partner with our customers. And it’s why we are recognized for building the best playgrounds in the world.