Engineered to Ride

Skatewave® modular skatepark equipment

Engineered to Ride

Skate Park Design

Value of Design

Skatewave® truly offers you a complete skatepark design advantage. You'll work with experienced skate park designers who will create a skatepark that is perfectly matched to your site, budget, riders and community. They understand not only innovative skateboard park design, but also other crucial elements including safety, the nuances of rider culture and the possibility of future expansion.

Not only do we have expert skatepark designers on staff, but we’ve assembled a unique collaboration of engineers and product development experts to create and test new obstacles. This gives them intimate knowledge of the structural aspects of the obstacles, which allows them to create the most innovative and safe skatepark designs possible. Together, our team of experts optimize flow lines for maximum occupancy without compromising safety, and they follow ASTM skatepark guidelines. Even more, our local skatepark consultants guide you through the process every step of the way.


Change it up!

Modular doesn't mean just moveable. True modularity equals maximum design flexibility. Each Skatewave obstacle can be reconfigured or repositioned, again and again. This means you can deploy a brand-new skatepark design whenever you are ready to change things up a bit.

Skatewave obstacles are comprised of a few, versatile building blocks, so you can reshape your skatepark. Combine several decks or skate board ramps to make a multi-tier skate plaza, or turn a few components and a bank into a multi-level skatepark centerpiece that riders will love. You'll be able to keep your skateboard park design fresh.

Modularity also means efficiency. Our components are manufactured to the tightest tolerances, so every single part fits together as designed. Every time. And large scale production means you get more skateboard park for your money.


High-Quality Engineering

Precision engineering processes, robotic welding and meticulously-fitted interchangeable parts are the foundation of a community skatepark experience like nothing else. Skatewave modular skateparks offer the extreme in engineering and manufacturing.

Every Skatewave part is produced in our Delano, Minn.-based state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which has been certified to both ISO 9001:2008 for quality and ISO 14001:2004 for environmental standards. Every part is thoroughly tested for quality, both in the lab and in the field.

Even more, our engineers have created the most modular system available for endless creativity and changeability in your skateboard park design. The Skatewave modular skate park equipment delivers flexibility to choose and change riding surfaces, a quieter ride, skate board ramps riders love, faster and easier assembly, and more corrosion resistance.

Surfacing Options

One Ramp, Two Surfaces

Skatewave is the first modular skatepark system with a totally interchangeable riding surface for your skate board ramps. We offer two surface options, each with unique advantages for your riders and your community. And, if down the road your needs should change, you can install a different surface without buying a whole new skate board ramp. That way you can keep your design options open and your budget in line.

  • TekTrak™ is our super-durable, sound-dampened, corrosion-resistant surfacing option. It’s low-maintenance with the perfect balance of slip and grip. TekTrak is a UV-stabilized textured super-durable TGIC polyester powdercoat.
  • Stainless Steel is our top-of-the-line surface that’s ultra-tough and virtually maintenance free. It’s perfect for urban settings and available by special order.

R&D Team

Experienced Professionals

Skatewave modular skatepark equipment is created and brought to life by our R&D team, which includes engineers, skatepark designers and product development experts. These team members are experienced professionals who provide valuable input on Skatewave skatepark designs and every new product and obstacle we create. The R&D team also oversees the product development process to ensure the highest quality of materials are used to keep riders of all levels safe.


A warranty as tough as our products

Skatewave by Landscape Structures offers the very best skate park equipment warranty. In fact, we warrant against structural failure for 15 years! Our warranty ensures that you'll be satisfied with your purchase now and far into the future.