Shaped By Play

Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

[video: in the foreground wild grasses blow in the breeze with a playground blurred in the background. Scene switches to a focused view of the circular foot plat of a stand-up spinner. The camera pans up from the children’s feet to their faces as they spin together.]

Woman voiceover: There’s this thing that happens when we play.

[video: A boy sits in a large circle as a girl spins him.]

Voiceover: An exchange of energy, a union of spirit.

[video: two children smile at each other as they climb a cargo net together.]

Voiceover: A multiplication of fun.

[video: a girl walks across a rope bridge. A boy smiles as he pushes several of his friends on a large circular swing seat. The camera fallows after children as they run towards a playground.]

Voiceover: It’s a celebration and we’re all invited.

[video: a boy runs up a small hillside to playground equipment.]

Voiceover: It’s a lesson disguised as laughter.

[video: to girl’s giggle and smile as they hang and swing from vertical ropes. A girl sits in the circle of a playground spinner. She leans back and smiles as she spins.]

Voiceover: It’s free time. And time to feel free.

[video: A girl smirks as she stands holding the rope of a zipline swing. She runs and jumps to sit on the swing and rides down the zipline track. A boy pushes a girl in her wheelchair through an artificial tree trunk tunnel towards two children peeking into the tunnel from the other end.]

Voiceover: It’s a part of our forever story. Being written at this very moment.

[video: focused view of a line of children’s feet dangling down from a sitting position. Camera switches to a front view of five children sitting and standing on a belted inclined walking path of a play structure. Scene switches to an unfocused view of playground swing chains as the sun sparkles in the background through some trees. A girl swings into frame on a playground swing.]

Voiceover: The beauty of play is that it’s not just play at all.

[video: the camera follows a girl with long pig tail braids as she jogs over to an open swing. Camera switches to a ground view up as two girl’s swing over the camera.]

Voiceover: It’s magic.

[video: a boy and girl slide down a two laned slide together. When they reach the bottom of the slide the turn to each other and smile.]

Voiceover: Play connects us. Over, and over again.

[video: the camera pans backwards through climbing hoops as a girl climbs through them towards the camera. Scene switches to a view down a perforated tunnel. A boy smiles as he crawls through the tunnel. With a top-down view, a boy climber up through the center of a lime green climber. Scene switches to a girl as she sits in her wheelchair smiling at her friends standing and kneeling next to her on a play structure decking.]

Voiceover: With a bond that’s strengthened by what makes us different.

[video: two girl’s walk towards the camera with their arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders as they talk to one and other. Scene switches to a young girl as she confidently stands in front of the camera with a smile.]

Girl voiceover: Me.

[video: the camera focuses on a boy’s face as he mildly smirks at the camera.]

Boy voiceover: My imagination.

[video: a girl sits with her arm resting on her knee looking at the camera. The camera view switches to a closer view of the girl’s face.]

Girl voiceover: It’s my sense of adventure.

[video: A girl stands in front of the camera with a slight smirk while other children climb on a cargo net in the background.]

Girl voiceover: And my bravery.

[video: a girl smiles at the camera as her curly hair is backlit by the sun.]

Girl voiceover: My confidence.

[video: a boy smirks at the camera.]

Boy voiceover: Me, it’s my big, big heart.

[video: a boy and girl walk together towards the sun with a playground tower in the distance. Scene switches to a boy and girl as they sit on the top of a lime green dome with viewing holes all over it. A child reaches their hand up through one of the holes as the girl sitting on top of the dome grabs it and smiles.]

Voiceover: Here’s where we meet, and mix.

[video: a boy smiles and giggles as he holds onto two vertical ropes. Scene switches to children reaching their hands through the holes of the green dome structure holding up the peace sign.]

Voiceover: Share what makes us, us.

[video: the camera pans around the outside of the green dome structure showing the children’s hands, a boy smiles through one of the larger holes of the structure. Scene switches to a top-down view as a girl jumps from one lily pad to the next designed in the playground safety surfacing. The camera peaks over two leaf shaped play panels to two girls’ as they smile at each other.]

Voiceover: Appreciate what makes you, you.

[video: children fallow each other in a line as they walk up and over a belted arch bridge suspended by ropes.]

Voiceover: And celebrate the we that happens when we’re all together.

[video: the camera follows with a side view of a girl as she pushes her friend in a wheelchair up a ramp onto a large play structure. The camera follows behind a group of children as they run and hold hands towards a playground swing set. The sunset illuminates the play area.]

Voiceover: Play is a beautiful reflection of all of us.

[video: and boy smiles and dances with his hands for the camera. Scene switches to a boy as he smiles with two front missing teeth while holding onto a vertical rope. Scene switches to a girl as she spins and dances with her arms raised above her head. She smiles at the camera as she dances around. Scene switches to a side view of a playground swing set. A girl swings back and forth on the swing set.]

Voiceover: Play, is our magic.

[video: camera switches to a ground view up as the girl swings over the camera. As the girl swings up towards the sky the screen fades to white. A red ribbon squiggles onto the center of the screen. Gray text fades in below the ribbon shape reading “Landscape Structures”. Video ends.]

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