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Introducing New Adventures with Nature-Inspired Playground Climber - News Article

Landscape Structures Inc. is excited to expand its nature-inspired line of commercial playground equipment by introducing the Log Stack Climber. Constructed of hand-painted concrete, the Log Stack

ABC Climber

The PlayShaper® ABC Climber has colorful letters to invite youngsters to climb and Permalene side panels with handholds for extra security. playground equipment, school playground equipment,

Playground Climbing Blocks - TenderTuff Coated

The Block Climber from Landscape Structures provides a challenging playground climbing experience for kids ages 2 to 5. Kids get fun outdoor play with this commercial playground equipment. playground

Escalator Climber - 10 Foot High Curved Climbing Wall - Handholds on Both Sides - Landscape Structures

The Escalator Climber from Landscape Structures is a great way for kids to gain upper-body strength, balance and coordination and can be used in parks or as school playground equipment. Child outdoor

Hemisphere Climber - Large, Semi Circular Arch & Cable Cargo Net - Landscape Structures

The Hemisphere Climber from Landscape Structures helps kids learn balance, coordination and builds creativity and muscles! Available as an independent event or with an Evos playstructure. Child

Evos® RingTangle® Playground Ladder Climber

The Evos® RingTangle® Playground Ladder, takes the concept of playground ladder climbing to a new level. Kids can climb this on top, through, or under the ascending and descending loops on this

Evos Balance Winder Playground Climbing Net

This Evos Playground climbing net helps kids develop balance and total body strength. Evos climbing nets are great fun and challenging enough for children ages 5 to 12+ Playground climbing net,

Escalator™ Climber

The Escalator™ Climber is a fun inside/outside climbing experience. Climbing-gym-style handgrips give kids confidence at any angle. playground equipment, school playground equipment, commercial

Slingshot Climber™

The PlayBooster® Slingshot Climber™ encourages balance and depth perception as kids climb up and down. Highest quality climbing cable provides bouncy fun. playground equipment, school playground

Catwalk Climber - Small Bridge Climber to Connect Decks

The Catwalk Climber helps kids get cat-like balance and agility. Plus, you get all the durability features of commercial playground equipment. metal playground climber, playground climbing wall, kids