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Playground SketchUp Designs

We've assembled over a hundred SketchUp* design files to use as placeholders as you begin planning your client's playground project. A vast library of 2Ds DWG files are also available for playgrounds and freestanding play elements.

We encourage you to contact your local Landscape Structures playground consultant should you have questions or additional needs.

Quantis™ For Ages 5 to 12 Years

Hedra® For Ages 2 to 12 Years

Smart Play® For Ages 6 Months to 12 Years

Alpha® Tower for Ages 5 to 12

Evos® For Ages 5 to 12

Weevos® & PlayShaper®

PlayBooster® For Ages 5 to 12

PlayBooster® Netplex® For Ages 5 to 12

Freestanding Net Play

PlayBooster® GeoPlex® For Ages 5 to 12

Freestanding Play - Motion & More Fun

Freestanding Play - Climbers

Freestanding Play - Learning Wall & Sensory Play Center®

Rhapsody® Outdoor Music Equipment

ZipKrooz® For Ages 5 to 12

Playground Swings

SkyWays® Shade Products

Sports & Fitness

Facet® Forms Collection

Site Furnishings