Play Will Always Shape Us

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[video: young girl is running through grassy field towards trees.]

Voiceover: Play never told me you can't, or don't-

Young girl speaking voiceover: Or you shouldn’t, or you won’t.

[video: two kids are on a Mobius climber climbing structure. One extends hand to other to help them continue climbing.]

Play never said be careful, you're not strong enough, you're not big enough you're not brave enough.

[video switches to overall view of Mobius climbing wall with kids climbing on it. Camera zooms to young boy climbing upward and across structure.]

Voiceover: Play has always been an invitation.

[video: young boy walks across structure ramp towards a group of kids.]

Voiceover: A celebration, a joyous manifestation.

[video: young boy claps. A little girl faces the camera as she gets ready to go down a slide, then turns to slide down.]

Voiceover: Of the cans, and wills, and what ifs, and why not’s.

[video: young boy hops onto ZipKrooz playground zipline track and zooms across to the other platform and his waiting friend. His friend extends an arm to him and helps him onto platform and off of ZipKrooz.]

Voiceover: Play isn’t one thing. It’s everything. Anything.

[video: young boy climbs down dome shaped Cozy Dome climber and enters through one of the larger openings. He looks out through hole shaped windows. Video pans to sun peering through dense leafy trees.]

Voiceover: Play doesn’t care what a body can or cannot do.

[video: young boy is laying in grass looking up at the sky.]

Voiceover: Because play lives inside us.

[video: two boys are swinging next to each other.]

Voiceover: All of us.

[video: kids are standing in a circle playing patty-cake together.]

Voiceover: Play begs of us.

[video: a mallet hits a Rhapsody collection outdoor xylophone. Camera switches to little girl in a wheelchair playing the instrument.]

Voiceover: Learn together. Grow together.

[video: young girl in wheelchair pushes up ramped structure and joins her friends in moving the Sway Fun glider back and forth as they all sway and laugh.]

Voiceover: Be together. Know together.

[video: a parent holds the hand of a young toddler as they both walk and approach the playground. Parent lets go and toddler runs towards the playground on their own. Young toddler climbs up structure steps to crawl through a play tunnel.]

Voiceover: And as we grow older, as the world comes at us with you can’t or don’t. Or you shouldn’t.

[video: camera zooms in to toddler girl’s face. She smiles at the camera and looks up at the structure.]

Young girl speaking voiceover: Or you won’t. We come back to what we know.

[video: young girl is sitting in a grassy field. She raises her hands, picking up a frog from the ground.

Voiceover: That imagination will never fail us.

[video: she smiles down at frog. Camera pans to frog in her muddy hands as she pets it. Camera switches to following two children’s feet as they walk across a balance beam. View switches to their faces as they walk across.]

Voiceover: That words will never hurt us.

[video: group of kids sit together in the OmniSpin Spinner. They link arms as the spinner spins as kids are laughing.]

Voiceover: That play will always shape us.

[video: camera pans to the girl who spoke throughout video for her final words. She turns and runs through grass to join her friends on the playground. Landscape Structures logo appears.]

In 2019, we added a second chapter to our Shaped by Play video series. Building on the first video from 2017, Play Will Always Shape Us shares the power of play from a kid's perspective. Through play, kids learn about themselves by learning about each other. We are proud to design playgrounds that add value to kids’ experiences, bring kids of all ages and abilities together, and help show communities the power of play.

Watch our video from 2019 above, then watch the newest installment, "We Come Back to Play."