For a Better Tomorrow
We Play Today

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Playgrounds and play experiences help kids learn about themselves and those around them, shaping their future and who they will become. That’s why, for a better tomorrow, we play today.

[video: camera pans the branches of a tree as the sun beams through.]

Man voiceover: There's a lot of talk...

[video: A man stands in a grassy field speaking to camera.]

Man: About what's wrong with the world today, negativity, discord, intolerance. But I don't see it that way, there's too much right in the world. There's too much good.

[video: close-up of child’s hand with sun bursting behind.]

[video: a woman speaks to the camera.]

Woman: When I look out there I see promise, I see potential, I see imagination, collaboration, celebration.

[video: a boy out of focus with his back facing the camera as the sun silhouettes his body.]

[video: a man stands in a green park and speaks to the camera.]

Man 2: I see leaders, advocates, creators.

[video: close-up of man smiling as he spins children in a omni spinner.]

Woman 2 voiceover: I see decisions being made...

[video: Woman standing in front of baseball field speaking to camera.]

Woman 2: Healthy decisions, not just for the body, but for the mind...

[video: A boy and girl stand in front of a waterfall.

Woman 2 voiceover: For the soul, for each other.

[video: two boys walk down an alley way with their arms around each other. One boy holds a soccer ball.]

[video: Close-up of a man in a park speaking to the camera.]

Man 3: I see people working together...

[video: group of children huddled on omni spinner. The camera rotates around them. Children on omni spinner break their huddle and run off the omni spinner. A boy pushes another boy in a wheelchair up a playground ramp. A young girl sits next to a boy sitting on the ground. Two kids fall onto a man that falls on the ground.]

Man 3 voiceover: helping each other. And by helping each other we discover who we really are and all the good we can share with the world.

Woman 1 voiceover: We learn.

[video: young boy peaks through a slit in a climber wall. Young boy reaches his hand through the gap in the climbing wall to grab another boys hand.]

Woman 2 voiceover: We grow.

[video: woman with glasses lays next to young boy on the ground as they look up to the sky. Woman points upwards.]

Man 3 voiceover: We lead.

Man 2 voiceover: We follow.

[video: man leans down with basketball in hand to fist bump a young girl.]

Man 1 voiceover: We take turns.

Woman 2 voiceover: We take chances.

[video: young girl swinging jumps off her swing. Young boy runs through the playground. Two young girls play in the vertical fountains.]

Man 2 voiceover: We imagine together.

[video: young girl wearing a paper crown smiles and a young boy. Girl with paper crown swings her cardboard sword at the boy. Boy wearing paper crown lifts his cardboard sword and shield in the air.]

Woman 1 voiceover: We don't just tolerate each other, we celebrate each other. Our similarities and our differences.

[video: camera zooms in on two girls jumping in a puddle while it rains. Girl holding umbrella dances in the rain next to her friend. A young boy in a wheelchair smiles with his mouth open on the sway fun.]

Man 1 voiceover: Yeah, we fall down but we get back up, keep climbing.

[video: two children sit on a large stone looking at a flowing river. Close up of young girls face as she looks at the flowing river.]

Man 2 voiceover: We try and we fail.

[video: young girl jumps from a platform to grab glider handle, she does not jump high enough and lands on the ground.]

Woman 1 voiceover: We try and we fail.

[video: young boy jumps down from concrete stairs landing on his hands. He picks himself up and wipes his hands on his shirt.]

Man 3 voiceover: We try and we succeed.

[video: camera pans up to young boy climbing up a webbed rope climber.]

Man 1 voiceover: By pushing the limits of ourselves we realize there are no limits to what we can do.

[video: a woman watches as children play on the playground. Young girl climbs up webbed rope climber. A young girl sits and looks up through vertical o-zone ring.]

[video: woman 2 speaks to camera.]

Woman 2: When I look out there...

[video: young boy points upwards while looking up to the sky.]

Woman 2 voiceover: I see the promise of the future.

[video: woman 1 speaks to the camera.]

Woman 1: I see tomorrow

[video: two kids run away from camera towards a large tree in a backyard. A boy and girl run away from camera to a ladder on a playground. Young boy wearing paper crown runs away from camera holding his cardboard shield and sword. Two boys run away from camera down alleyway after a soccer ball.]

Man 1 voiceover: And for a better tomorrow, we play today.

[video: a boy runs away from camera with soccer ball in hand to a soccer field. Two girls in swimsuits run through vertical fountains smiling. Two boys run down alleyway away from camera. Kids run up a soccer field. Young boy runs over the top of a hill away from camera to a playground with children playing all around. Fade to black, Landscape Structures logo appears.]

In 2017, we created a movie that represents the heart of Landscape Structures. Play shapes kids into better adults. Through play, kids learn about themselves, how to interact with others, and they develop physically and emotionally. Play is one of the most organic ways kids learn, and we're proud to be part of that.

Watch our video from 2017 above, then watch the sequel, "Play Will Always Shape Us."