North Charleston Unveils Inclusive Playground, a Haven for All Abilities

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"It's an incredible feeling that we're invited and that what we have to add matters"

What stuck out to North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey was the uniqueness of the space.

“Park Circle's unique," Summey said. "We wanted to have something that everyone could do." And now, North Charleston has a playground for people of all ages and abilities.

“The ball field is all-inclusive," Summey said. "It's where kids in wheelchairs can play ball. It's designed to do that. The playground is all-inclusive as well. It's designed where children with needs children without needs, and adults even can play with their children."

Summey also said this $20 million playground is the largest inclusive playground in the world.

And for some, this project meant the world. “I have gotten to be involved with the project for about six years now," Jill Moore said. "I've grown up with a disability, and so growing up, playgrounds were never going to be the place that told me I was welcome or able or that people really valued me being there. And that was just 'cause of the environment. It hadn't been designed correctly."

Moore is the Inclusive Playground Specialist at Landscape Structures. “It's an incredible feeling that we're invited and that what we have to add matters,” she adds.

At Saturday’s long-awaited opening children were able to enjoy the many features that the playground offers.