Paralympian Visits Playground in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

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She dreams of a day when all playgrounds are inclusive

The joy we find as kids on the playground is something former Team USA Paralympian Jill Moore says she missed out on as a kid.

"I didn't go to playgrounds growing up," Moore shared. "They were never going to be the spaces that showed some of the best things about me."

As someone who used a wheelchair, playgrounds were hard to navigate. On Wednesday, she got to be a kid again by exploring the inclusive playground at Menomonee Falls Village Park.

Moore now works for a playground manufacturer as a play specialist. She and her team as well as other community members were at the Menomonee Falls playground to talk about stellar examples of inclusive playgrounds. She hopes the more people that are aware of these types of playgrounds, even more will be built.

"There are not enough," Moore said about inclusive playgrounds. "But I think people are really, really excited about it and we're on our way to a lot more."