Creating Opportunities for Adaptive Recreation

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Retrofits Breathe New Life into Existing Playgrounds

The process of retrofitting a playground can involve replacing or upgrading existing components and adding fresh new components. A retrofit can replace both the primary playground structures - like slides and swings - as well as other aspects of the playground, like surfacing and shade. New components can be incorporated into the play structure or added as freestanding components. Best of all, these new or upgraded elements can be specifically designed with disability and inclusion in mind, to help make the space more inclusive for people of all abilities. 

The groups that manage playgrounds, such as parks and recreation departments, schools and other community organizations, appreciate retrofitting as an option for several reasons. First, it's an approach with sustainable benefits because it makes use of the playground's existing components. Retrofitting also costs less than a full playground replacement, allowing for different options to suit different budgets and funding levels. It can often be done in a shorter timeframe, minimizing the time a playground is closed -- which is a priority for everyone, most especially the kids themselves.