Disabled Women Make History

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We congratulate and celebrate our very own, Jill Moore White!

To celebrate the achievements of women with disabilities, the Disabled Women Make History blog series is based on interviews with passionate, determined, and talented women with paralysis. In August 2021, Stephanie Woodward, an attorney and Executive Director or Disability EmpowHer Network, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls and women with disabilities acknowledged the complexities, struggles, and accomplishments of women with disabilities. Our Inclusive Play Specialist, Jill Moore White, was one of those women honored and talked about the professional world of play and forging her own path.

One snippet of the article, Jill reflects on her own childhood and gives advice for girls with disabilities today: “Never downplay what you’re good at or what you love. One of the hardest things I had to learn was what I loved, and not what I tolerated because it was available. I always wanted to be a theatre kid, but our theatre wasn’t accessible. Instead, I did sports. I liked them, but it wasn’t until I left them that I found there are things I am WAY more passionate about. Anything you have a true passion for, you’re going to dedicate yourself to in the most authentic way possible, and THAT is what makes a leader. Passion, not tolerance.”

We couldn't be more proud!