Guidelines for Safe Reopening

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Playgrounds are more than just recreational spaces; they are essential for the well-being and resilience of both children and communities. Unfortunately, the outbreak of COVID-19 necessitated strict public health measures, leading to the closure of playgrounds across the United States during the spring.

Now, as these playgrounds gradually reopen, it is of the utmost importance to maintain a focus on health and safety. Equally vital is ensuring that the strategies for reopening these playgrounds are firmly rooted in the principles of equity.

We are thrilled to announce that our partners at KABOOM! have taken the lead by establishing a dedicated Playground Reopening Task Force. This task force comprises members from various prominent organizations, including KABOOM!, NRPA, City Parks Alliance, and many others from across the nation. Together, they have diligently crafted a comprehensive set of actionable guidelines designed to facilitate safe playground reopenings.

These guidelines take into account the unique challenges posed by the pandemic, providing a framework that ensures children can once again enjoy the physical, mental, and social benefits of play, all while minimizing health risks. With a commitment to health, safety, and equity, we can collectively rebuild a brighter, more resilient future for our children and communities.