Engage Developing Minds and Bodies with the Fire Station and Market Cafe

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New playstructures expand the Loft family in the Smart Play® line

Landscape Structures Inc., a Delano, Minn.-based commercial playground equipment manufacturer, has expanded the Smart Play® line of play structures with designs especially for 2- to 5-year-olds. Introduced in 2017, Loft offers plenty of interactive elements to engage developing minds and bodies. And now, the Loft family has grown to include the Fire Station and Market Cafe to further encourage social and imaginative play for kids ages 2 to 5.

With the Fire Station, kids can take control at the wheel, pat Sparky the friendly fire dog, or slide on down to their next adventure. There's plenty more to keep them busy, including an object find game, plenty of bells and gears, and a fun mirror that shows them how they'd look in uniform.

The Market Cafe lets little ones take turns placing meal orders, dining with friends, and talking about yummy food choices. Among lots of activities, kids can make pictures in the image panel, bingbong the apple bell, and chat about food colors and tastes.

Best of all, playground designers can double the fun by connecting any two play structures—Loft, Fire Station, or Market Cafe—with an elevated crawl tunnel to enhance the imaginative fun and physical activity levels. Or connect all three to create the Centre for kids to explore and stay active.