Introducing The Canyon Collection®

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Connecting Kids to Nature with the New Nature-Inspired Canyon Collection®

Landscape Structures Inc., a Delano, Minn.-based commercial playground equipment manufacturer, has introduced the Canyon Collection®, which features realistic rock panels that can be directly attached to the PlayBooster® playstructure. This nature-inspired collection is designed to meet the needs of community leaders and park planners who seek to reconnect children with the natural world.

The Canyon Collection transforms the climbing experience by integrating it into the play structure, providing continuous play that combines physical activity with imaginative exploration. It comprises four configurable rocks, along with nets and a deck, offering challenging and exciting play opportunities for children aged 5 to 12.

The elements within the Canyon Collection are designed to work seamlessly together, offering flexibility for playground designers to meet various budgets and space constraints. They can choose from four preconfigured formations or select individual rock panels to create a unique nature-inspired adventure:

  • The Ascent™ Rock, while the smallest in the collection, offers a challenging vertical climb with numerous built-in hand- and foot-holds.
  • The Bend™ Rock, curving at a 90-degree angle, provides two sides for climbing on the exterior and an opening for access to the interior, offering clear sightlines for caregivers.
  • The Chimney™ Rock The tallest piece in the collection, the Chimney Rock offers climbing opportunities on the outside and inside faces so kids can climb out of the cave and over the top or onto the deck.
  • The Den™ Rock Wrapping around the Canyon or Hexagon Decks at 120-degrees, the Den Rock delivers multiple climbing challenges and two openings to an inside hideaway. The lower height of the rock accommodates bridges coming off the structure.