Nature-Inspired Play

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Introducing New Adventures with Nature-Inspired Playground Climber  

Feb. 21, 2013 —Landscape Structures Inc. is excited to expand its nature-inspired line of commercial playground equipment by introducing the Log Stack Climber. The playground climber will add a new and challenging way for kids ages 2 to 12 to climb while also providing fun, tactile discovery experiences to the PlayBooster® and PlayShaper® playstructures.

Nature-Inspired Climber

Constructed of hand-painted concrete, the Log Stack Climber gets its texture from molds taken from a variety of log species including basswood, mesquite, white pine and cotton wood. The logs are strategically placed so kids ages can control their climb and choose the easy route or a more challenging one. Even more, the Log Stack Climber includes realistic, natural details like knotholes, insect trails, woodpecker holes and a variety of animals.