A Legacy of Play®

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Steve King Shares History of Landscape Structures in “A Legacy of Play®” 

April 2, 2013 —Steve King, co-founder and chairman of Landscape Structures Inc., a Delano, Minn.-based commercial playground equipment manufacturer, has released a book, A Legacy of Play®. The book, which was introduced at the company's annual sales meeting in Minnesota, follows the history of Landscape Structures that King and his wife, Barb, founded in 1971.

In A Legacy of Play, King takes the reader on a journey that follows the unusual history of Landscape Structures. Headquartered in Delano, Minn., Landscape Structures is a 100-percent employee-owned commercial playground equipment manufacturer. The company has designed, manufactured, and installed more than 75,000 playgrounds worldwide. Since opening, Landscape Structures has been committed to enhancing children's lives by creating inspiring play experiences while honoring the environment. Its approximately 300 employee-owners are devoted to creating the most environmentally preferable playground equipment possible and improving kids' physical, emotional, and social well-being through play.

Readers will discover how Landscape Structures has helped the playground industry evolve while keeping in mind the most important aspect of play—child development across all ages and abilities.

"A Legacy of Play refreshingly captures the struggles and triumphs of starting a multi-million-dollar company from the ground up," said Starrla Cray, journalist at the Delano Herald Journal.