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Core Values

Core Values

Our Mission

Landscape Structures enhances children’s lives by fostering and creating inspiring play experiences while honoring the environment.

Our Values

Relationships • Integrity • Commitment • Innovation • Team • Passion

Employee Ownership

Since 2004, Landscape Structures has been employee-owned. This drives every decision, every innovation and every aspect of our company culture. Under our ESOP (employee stock ownership plan), the number of shares each of us owns grows with the company. It’s a unifying motivation, keeping us deeply connected to each other and invested in our work.


Culture of Continuous Improvement

At Landscape Structures, we challenge our own beliefs and what we think we can achieve. Our goal is to work smarter, not harder. During week-long kaizens, cross-functional teams come together to improve a specific area or process.

We empower employees to bring their ideas into the light. The people who do the job find better ways to do it. Simple improvements came first, then more challenging changes. Now it’s part of our culture, and the notion of change for the better has become a way of life.