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Fire Station


Playground Overview

From the dashboard panel and Sparky the friendly fire dog to a fun mirror that shows them how they’d look in uniform, the Fire Station encourages social and imaginative play among kids ages 2 to 5. They’ll find age-appropriate challenges in the climbers, a slide and crawl spaces. Best of all, they’ll learn about firefighters, their gear and how they stay safe while helping others. 

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  • $0K-$19K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features children playing on a Smart Play Fire Station play structure for ages two to five years old.

[video: scene fades into a boy and girl as they run to the Fire Station play structure. Camera switches to a view of the side of the Fire Station structure as they boy and girl take turns sliding down the station slide. They should with excitement as they play. Camera switches to the opposite side of the Station where boys play inside the Fire Truck shaped play area at the Dashboard play panel. One of the boys rings a bell. Camera switches back to the side of the Fire Station structure as a boy slides down a slide. Scene switches to a boy squatting next to the fire hydrant. He lifts his hand up and spins the water splash shape coming out of the hydrant hose. Camera angle switches to ground view up at another boy as he spins the water shape coming out of the hydrant hose. Scene switches to the camera directly below the boy standing by the fire hydrant. A mean kneels next to the boy and points to the fire hydrant.]

Man: Can you do this one?

[video: the man and the boy both spin different shapes on the fire hydrant. Scene switches to a close-up of a Permalene panel sign reading: Fire Station No.1]

Boy off camera: Somebody ring the bell.

[video: view of the back of a boy from inside the Fire Station structure as he slides down a slide. Scene switches to the outside view of the Fire Station structure of a boy reaching up to climb into the cab of the Fire Truck play area. Scene switches to a front view of a boy excitedly turning the steering wheel on the Fire Truck Dashboard panel. Camera switches to a close-up view over the boy’s shoulder of the Dashboard play panel. He continues to spin and rotate the steering wheel. Camera switches to a front close-up of the boy’s face as he looks down and around the panel. Scene switches to a boy standing by the dog crawl tunnel of the Fire Station while he speaks about the structure.]

Boy: It has all the things that firemen have.

Boy voiceover: And everything that really, real firemen usually have.

[video: view inside the Fire Station structure at DigiFuse panels with fire fighter uniform with face mirror and bench. Scene switches to a view of a boy climbing into the Fire Truck Dashboard play area. He sits down on the driver’s seat and begins spinning the steering wheel on the play panel. He looks back at the camera while he plays. Scene switches back to the boy as he continues to talk about the structure to the camera. The boy looks through the window from the outside of the structure.]

Boy: Well I like the windows the most, because you can see out like real fire trucks.

[video: the boy grabs onto the framing of the window. Scene switches to a ground view of the dog house crawl tunnel and fire hydrant. Above the dog house a small Permalene panel is labeled with the word: Sparky.]

Boy voiceover: And there is a dog house attached.

[video: a young boy reaches his hand down to touch a panel designed like a Dalmatian on the side of the Dog House crawl tunnel.]

Boy voiceover: And there’s a bone inside of the dog house.

[video: a boy squats inside the dog house and spins a bone shaped bolted to the wall. Scene switches to a full view of the Fire Station structure on the side with the slide. Screen fades to black.]

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