We-Go-Round® - Inclusive merry-go-round

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This patent-pending merry-go-round offers ample room for kids and families to interact and play together – including those in wheelchairs. The integrated roof provides shade, and the center handhold allows riders to participate in the spinning fun.

Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

[audio in background features kids talking and playing as they pretend to be in a spaceship.]

On-screen text: Are you ready? Ready to share a... smile?

[audio of young kids playing in background of on screen text: "Will this be on any TV or something?" "It's a meteor shower!" "What?!" "There's another meteor shower!"]

[video: cuts from screen text to view of young boy smiling and looking down at camera as he braces himself on the We-Go-Round inclusive spinner.]

[audio of young kids playing: "A bigger one?!"

On-screen text: some Laughter?

[audio of young kids playing: "There's the meteor shower! Look!"

[video: a group of kids spin together on the We-Go-Round inclusive spinner. The camera zooms on children's feet as they run in circles to spin the equipment. Scene also features a young boy in a motorized wheelchair sitting in the interior of the spinner, as a woman in a wheelchair helps propel the spinner from the outside with the other kids.]

Woman in wheelchair: "That's what's up!"

On-screen text: a Conversation?

Woman in wheelchair: "Do you need a sun tan? Are we working on that?" [video: young boy in power chair and woman in a manual wheelchair work together to help spin the We-Go-Round from the interior. Everyone works together to spin piece.]

Woman in wheelchair: "Alright, we're going to get a tan."

Young boy in power chair: "Yeah."

On-screen text: How about a spin?

Woman in wheelchair: [video: everyone continues to work together to spin as they pretend to drive the "spaceship".] "Hope you need one too."

[video: kids laugh and shout together on spinner as they go in circles.]

On-screen text: We-Go-Round from Landscape Structures.

[video: camera zooms out to show entire We-Go-Round spinner being propelled by a boy and girl on the outside, with a young girl in a manual wheelchair sitting with her friends on the interior. We-Go-Round features DigiFuse panels on the exterior with images of cars and buses on them so as the piece spins it looks as if the cars are moving.]

Man: Kids of all abilities, people of all abilities can enjoy this product.

[video: camera zooms out and shows children spinning as woman in wheelchair laughs while the spinner slows enough for her to hop on.]

Man: So, we've got seating, but we've also got standing areas. [video: camera pans to show seating features. A mother and child sit and smile across from a young girl helping spin the We-Go-Round.]

[video: top-down view of spinner interior shows a young boy running on outside of spinner then hops inside to stand next to his friends.]

Man: We've got areas to park for wheelchair users to be comfortable.]

[video: camera takes a side view to show young boy in motorized wheelchair seated comfortably on the interior of spinner as he aids his friends in picking up speed.]

[video: scene zooms out to show woman in wheelchair sitting across from young girl in wheelchair being pushed onto spinner by another young girl.]

Tom Keller (Concept Designer): It's a perfect example of what we call inclusive play.

[video: young girl in wheelchair backs up to railing where she can sit comfortably with the group. Camera zooms out to overall shot of everyone working together on the exterior and interior to spin.]

Jill Moore (Marketing Specialist): [video: Jill pushes her manual wheelchair on exterior of We-Go-Round with one hand on spinner post to help spin everyone.]

Jill: [video: Jill sits in the interior of the We-Go-Round.] I think it's a very cool inclusive solution to a sensation that's kind of difficult to achieve when you're in a chair.

Jill's voiceover: To be able to engage in this thing quickly, and in so many different ways is a very cool way to approach play.

[video: young boy in power chair grabs onto exterior railing and uses chair speed to spin the We-Go-Round.]

Jill: This piece specifically gives us all kinds of options [video: young boy in motorized chair participates in spinning by using center wheel] to be able to take it on however we choose to.

Jill's voiceover: Being able to socialize during play is very important. [video: shows everyone laughing together around spinner.] Because that's how we're learning from each other, that's how we're playing together.

Young boy in motorized wheelchair: What I like about this is you can be creative with it and imagine things with it.

Young boy 2: You get to spin it around.

Young girl in manual wheelchair: It's really fun.

Young boy 2: [as he spins around in spinner] This is the best thing in my life.

Young boy 3: You get to make new friends. You get to meet new people.

Young girl in manual wheelchair: [sitting in spinner interior as it orbits.] Yeah, it's really fun playing together with someone else.

Matt Tschann (Design Engineer): One of the most important aspects of the We-Go-Round was maintaining a smooth transition from the playground to the deck.

[video: camera angle shifts to show young boy in motorized wheelchair steer his chair onto spinner over a smooth transition point with the floor of the We-Go-Round being flush with the playground rubber surfacing.]

Matt: So, what we did is actually tied both the deck, and the skirt back to the main post to keep a consistent gap and a smooth rolling surface.

[video: zooms in on additional aspects of smooth transition zone. Young boy pushes young girl in wheelchair smoothly out of the spinner.]

[video: Top down view of We-Go-Round shows dome-like roof and a young girl spinning it from the outside. Scene transitions to group of kids assisting with spinning from interior.]

Randy Watermiller: (Vice President of Product Development) One of the safety features that we incorporated into the We-Go-Round is a resistance mechanism that will control the speed rotation to a fun yet safe speed.

[video: Randy stands outside of spinner and pushes it around. Camera zooms to interior main post attached to roofing as it spins.]

Jill Voiceover: Accessing this piece, the We-Go-Round, is beyond cool because of the solution laid out for how we move around spatially.

[video: showcases Jill pushing onto spinner as well as young boy in motorized chair rolling on as well, navigating to his seat, and moving his chair enough to settle in.]

Jill: This gap, allowing me to slide my chair on pretty easily. [video: Jill enters We-Go-Round with other kids].

Jill: I can spin around here. I can move around in this area freely. [video: shows Jill pushing her wheelchair around interior of We-Go-Round.]

[video: pans out to show overall view of Jill and kids laughing and working together to spin.]

Jill: The We-Go-Round... we're able to sit and we're able to face each other. We're able to engage however we choose to but most importantly we're able to play together.

On-screen text: Find out more at playlsi.com [video: fades to Landscape Structures logo.]

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