Introducing endless thrills with Revi™ Products

We’re excited to introduce the Revi™ products, which includes the ReviRock™ Bouncer, ReviWheel™ Spinner and ReviWhirl™ Spinner. Each of the Revi playground equipment products, explained below, were created using a single sculptural form to deliver three different and thrilling play experiences.

The ReviRock Bouncer for ages 2 to 12 position on a large center spring bounces and rocks in all directions.

Designed for ages 5 to 12, the center wheel of the ReviWheel Spinner allows kids to spin themselves around and around.

Deliver an adventure in physics for kids ages 5 to 12 with the the ReviWhirl Spinner by offering spinning through perpetual motion or a push from the outside.

The Revi playground equipment products were designed with inclusion in mind. All three products are designed at transfer height, offer multiple ways to hang on, and provide plenty of room for kids of all abilities to lay down, sit, kneel or stand as they experiment with the motion. Even more, the ReviWheel and ReviWhirl spinners include a proprietary dynamic speed control to keep spinning at a fun yet controllable speed.

Adding freestanding play components is a great way to expand existing play spaces and freshen up the play experience. Placing one or all the Revi products together with other freestanding spinners, the ZipKrooz® or a selection of playground swings creates a play zone filled with thrilling experiences great for kids of all ages and abilities.

See the new Revi products in action and learn more about each one at

Expanding playgrounds with the JigJag Climber

We’re excited to introduce our newest climber—the JigJag Climber! If the name doesn’t grab your attention, the design certainly will! Available as a PlayBooster® of freestanding play component, kids will jig and jag their way up the JigJag Climber and then slide down a fire pole at the end.

Freestanding JigJag Climber

Available in a single or double configuration, the JigJag Climber is a high-value addition for new or existing playgrounds. It accommodates multiple kids at once, and will deliver a unique aesthetic by visually and physically expanding the footprint of any PlayBooster playstructure.

Learn more about the JigJag Climber.

Spring means playground planning

On Sunday, we spring forward for daylight saving time and then spring officially gets underway nine days after that. So what I’m saying is that spring is in the air, which is the perfect time to start thinking about your upcoming playground projects.

Whether you’re designing an entirely new playground or freshening up an existing play space, don’t forget to include freestanding play components. Playground activities set apart from a main play structure allows kids to step away for some quiet time or break into smaller play groups. Better yet, freestanding play components can bring children of all abilities and ages into the same space for collaborative play.

Flywheel™ spinner

Flywheel™ spinner

We have a wide variety of freestanding play events. New this year is the Flywheel™ spinner, which was designed for kids ages 5 to 12. The multi-user spinner accommodates up to five kids at a time, promoting social interaction and sensory stimulation. The Flywheel spinner can fit into a compact space, making it a great option for a playground add-on. Plus, many kids will love the thrill of spinning that the Flywheel Spinner offers.

Freestanding play includes more than just spinners. We have climbers like the Mobius® and Aeronet® Climbers, slides and gliders, swings, and sensory-stimulating activities like the Sway Fun® glider that will engage a variety of ages and abilities. Learn more here, and then get in touch with your local playground consultant.