Case Study: Play Reimagined


Client: City of Denver Parks and Recreation Department

Landscape Architect: Dig Studio, Denver, Colo.

Goal: Get children and families outdoors and encourage life-long active and healthy lifestyles in a revitalized park environment.


Solution: The giant 1950’s microphone-inspired tower heralds the horizon, but the built-in play value is what really makes this park honoring local radio DJ Paco Sanchez truly extraordinary. Brilliant colors and bold presence aside, it’s the imaginative use of the musical references that do the hard work of delivering dynamic play. Notes and scales offer footholds. Sound waves create netted climbing adventures. Chimes travel with kids as they run across the bridge.

Read more about how the City of Denver Parks and Recreation Department engaged the community and its culture through the transformation of Paco Sanchez Park.

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Harrison Recreation Center, Washington, DC

Harrison Recreation Center, Washington, DC

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Triangle Park, Aurora, Colo.

Triangle Park, Aurora, Colo.

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Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park, Long Island City, N.Y.

Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park, Long Island City, N.Y.