Judging has begun

Once again, we want to thank everyone who submitted an essay. We are blown away by the essays, the letters of support, photos and videos that were received! It is clear that you all share our commitment of inclusive playgrounds and providing play for all abilities.

The last day we accepted essays, Aug. 1, was beyond busy! They were coming in every two minutes, and we received them up until the last minute. We received hundreds of essays–43 states and 4 provinces were represented!

The judging process has already begun. We are currently doing an internal review of all the essays, and then will pass them along to our judges, Cynthia Gentry, Stephani Victor and Scott Rains.

4 thoughts on “Judging has begun

  1. We are so excited about the possibility of a Playground for All Abilities. This will be such an asset to our community. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to apply for your assistance.

  2. We are so excited about the possibility of enhancing our community with your support!!!

  3. Thanks for submitting an essay! We’re overwhelmed with everyone’s commitment to inclusive play…it’s going to be a hard decision!

  4. We are so excited about the possibility of all children playing together in our community!

    Jennifer — Gig Harbor, WA

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