Innovative Product Features

Our Materials Matter

Innovative Product Features

At Landscape Structures, we use only the best materials for the highest quality and durability of our Skatewave® products. With more than a dozen innovative product features, every Skatewave community skate board park will stand up to whatever your riders can dish out. We don't take shortcuts...and we never will. Learn more about these features below.

TekTrak™-Coated Steel Skating Surface

TekTrak™-coated steel skating surface is 12-gauge sheet HRPO steel that has factory-drilled, countersunk holes finished with zinc-enriched epoxy primer then powdercoated with TekTrak, a UV-stabilized textured Super-Durable TGIC polyester powdercoat. The steel skating surface is a thick, strong base for riders, and the multi-step protective coating process reduces corrosion and combats the effects of weather, environment and heavy-duty wear and tear.

Skatewave® TekTrak™-coated steel skating surface

PEM® Nuts and Stainless Steel Fasteners

We use tamper-proof PEM nuts and steel fasteners that are press-fit into the cross-rib channels to attach the steel skating surface. Plus, vandal-resistant stainless steel fasteners fit snugly into recessed holes in the skating surface and secure tightly to the PEM nut threading, eliminating any trip hazard. And our blue nylon Loctite® coating ensures fasteners won't back out or loosen.

PEM® Nuts and Stainless Steel Fasteners

Transition and Deck Frame

The heavy-duty, 11-gauge cross-rib channels are precision engineered to be stronger than conventional ramp systems or sheet steel, providing riders with a stable surface. Robotic welding ensures consistency and strength throughout the obstacle, and it’s powdercoated to resist corrosion.

Transition and Deck Frame for Skatewave® Skateparks


We use a single weldment comprised of 10-gauge perforated sheet steel, 42" high, with vertical 5/8"-thick solid-steel rebar every 3-1/2" to provide a safe, solid space to protect riders who are waiting their turn. Plus, our PVC coating protects guardrails from corrosion and acts as a temperature insulator in extreme hot or cold.

Sturdy guardrails designed for Skatewave® skateparks

Adjustable Foot Levelers

Adjustable Foot Levelers allow the ramps to be adjusted up or down on uneven surfaces so the transition plate doesn't stick up and create a trip hazard. Foot levelers also allow water to run under the ramp and not puddle or encourage rust.

Skatewave® adjustable foot levelers help create a safer even skate board surface.

Coping and Peg Plate

Our steel tubing coping is galvanized to resist corrosion, and powdercoated to facilitate easy grinds and caps ensure nothing catches skate wheels or gets placed inside. The peg plate behind the coping protects the deck during grinds and tricks. Plus, it's more cost-effective to replace the 6"-wide plate than the entire deck.

Skatewave® steel coping and peg plates for a smooth skate board ride.

Permalene® Enclosure

Permalene® enclosures eliminate hiding places, reduce noise and prevent debris from collecting. Guaranteed not to rust, chip or delaminate, and virtually maintenance free, these enclosures are included as a standard feature on every Skatewave 3.0 obstacle.

Permalene® enclosures are standard with Skatewave 3.0.

Polyethylene Substrate

Our polyethylene substrate under the steel skating surface provides noise dampening and pressure dampening. Without it, the steel "banging" noise can be intolerable to riders, spectators and neighbors. It also gives riders a solid, stable feel, rather than a hollow, "pop can" feel.

Polyethylene substrate lies under the steel skateboard surface.

Transition Plates

The transition plate is the biggest impact point on the ramp and are often not used on lower-quality products. If this results in excessive wear, it's easier and far less costly to replace than the entire skating surface.

Transition plate for Skatewave® skateboard ramps

Framing Leg

Our frames are built to take a pounding without bending, flexing or denting; they make up the foundation of the ramps. Hot-dipped galvanization provides maximum protection against corrosion.

Durable frames support Skatewave® skateboard ramps

Plank and Grind Edge Angle Iron

The plank and grind edge give the feeling of skating on concrete, but with a modular benefit. In addition, the plank can be flipped up to four times to reveal a clean, smooth edge, preserving your investment four times longer. Grind edges provide additional edge protection, and are recommended for BMX parks.

Plank and grid edges for Skatewave®  skateboarding equipment

Edge Protector

The edge protector is included on all ramps to protect the outer edge of the skating surface from wear from skateboard decks, trucks and bike pegs. And to protect against corrosion, the edge is made from hot-dipped, galvanized sheet steel.

Protect the skateboard surface with steel edge protectors