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Playground Grants

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Playground Grants

Playground Grant Process

Many organizations allocate funds for building or updating school and community playgrounds through playground grants. These organizations see the benefits playgrounds bring to a community and the development of the whole child – mentally, physically and socially. They are also a great way for foundations and corporations to support the revitalization of the communities where they are located.

Although each playground grant requirement may differ, they typically follow the below process:

  • Step 1: An organization plans and develops a funding program based on its mission.
    They then put together an application that outlines the specific requirements and
    criteria needed to be awarded the funds.
  • Step 2: Programs and organizations interested in the grant money will fill out and
    submit a grant application. Applications may require everything from basic
    organizational information, to explanations of proposed work and financial data.
    Completing a grant application could take weeks or even months.
  • Step 3: Grants for playground equipment are typically decided by an independent
    group of experts. They will form a panel to review applications and decide how the
    funds will be allocated. After funds have been awarded, the grant recipient can begin
    their project.

It's important to research each grant thoroughly. The more you know about its origins, goals and objectives the better you can craft your application to fit its needs and up your chances of being awarded the funds.

Our grant resource area helps you navigate the playground grant process by providing a list of federal grants and state grant programs, as well as grants offered by organizations and corporations. There are also location specific grant opportunities for each state as well as international opportunities.