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Landscape Structures corporate videos on building healthy, sustainable communities.
We enhance children's lives by fostering and creating inspiring play experiences while honoring the environment. Learn more by watching our Company Videos.
Watch kids of all abilities experience Inclusive Play!
Landscape Structures designs inclusive playgrounds to welcome children and families of all abilities. Watch videos of our Higher Level of Inclusive Play design solution, and see how these innovative products invite children to be equal through play.
Weevos™ - a perfect complement to Evos™ for ages 2 to 5
See the Weevos® playsystem in action! The younger companion to Evos®, Weevos is designed especially for toddlers and preschoolers.
PlayShaper® Double Wave Poly Slide is twice the fun for two friends.
PlayShaper® products are scaled just right for preschoolers, and engage young children's growing bodies and minds. View our PlayShaper videos to see for yourself.
Fitness Equipment by Landscape Structures
Check out videos of our Fitness Equipment products. These outdoor fitness products are sure to encourage your community to get active.
Watch Play Naturally products help connect kids with nature
Playing outside helps kids connect with nature. That's why Landscape Structures has created nature-inspired commercial playground equipment. Watch these videos to see each of our nature-inspired products in action.
The Evos® playsystem offer are a variety of fun events for kids that help to promote balance and strength.
Evos® products let kids flex both their mental and physical muscles. See how Evos offers exercise disguised as fun!
PlayBooster® Corkscrew - the only corkscrew that kids can climb up and twirl down, for two play events in one!
Our PlayBooster® play components inspire hours of action-packed, continuous play. See how kids interact with the original post-and-clamp system.
PlaySense® playstructures by Landscape Structures
Watch kids play on our PlaySense® play structures, and see how much fun play on a budget can provide.
ZipKrooz is the first truly inclusive zipline that offers fun for kids of all abilities.
From twirling to spinning to climbing, our Freestanding Components revitalize existing playgrounds or help to create new play areas. See our Freestanding Components in action!
Sustainable Practices
Landscape Structures is committed to healthier sustainable communities.
Landscape Structures has been ISO 9001 certified for quality and ISO 14001 for environmental stewardship for more than a decade!
Block UV Rays
PlayShaper® Playstructures are perfect for preschoolers to develop their physical skills.
Shade your PlayShaper® play structure with our CoolToppers® shade systems, and block up to 90% of the sun’s damaging UV rays!
Play Together
We offer Wheelchair accessible products so children of all abilities can play together.
We offer products that help kids of all abilities play together. Our access wedges allow wheelchair users to enjoy the play area with their friends rather than from the sidelines.
Request a Catalog
Request your free Landscape Structures catalog for all your playground needs.