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Proven ways to cover costs

Looking for effective ways to pay for your future park or school playground? Landscape Structures will help you set up a highly profitable fundraising program. From community builds to scratch-off games, bike rides to grants, fundraising has never been easier or more fun. Learn how we can help you raise money by downloading our fundraising brochure and contacting your local Landscape Structures playground consultant for more information.

Learn how Landscape Structures' partnership with FundMonkey can help you raise funds for your new playground
Turn your event into a successful fundraiser with proven tools and resources to help you manage your fundraising campaign. Learn more.
Learn about Landscape Structures' scratchcard program to help raise funds for your playground.
Each fundraiser gets one scratchcard and asks friends and family members to donate the total amount scratched off. Learn more.
Work with Landscape Structures and Pride Fundraising to help coordinate a run, walk or bike event to raise funds for your next playground.
Plan the best Fun Run, Bike-a-Thon or Walk-a-Thon for your school or community with event planning and management tools. Learn more.
Go green with new fundraising ideas for your playgrounds.
Eco-friendly products have become more important to consumers, and schools and communities have found green fundraising companies. Learn more.
Learn about some of our other fundraising ideas that will help you reach your playground goal.
In addition to scratchcards and active events, we have other fundraising ideas that will help you reach your fundraising goal. Learn more.
Beginning Explorers
Add colorful interactive play panels that encourage creativity to your PlayShaper® playground.
Choose play events for kids ages 2 to 5 that allow them to expand their horizons and create new skills. Climbers, slides and enclosures activities are all great choices!
Playground Additions 
Freestanding components such as swingsets or climbers will add fun and value to any playground.
See how our Unique Signs, made from a variety of materials, can complement your Freestanding Components or other play ground equipment.
Unique Playgrounds
Check out our custom capabilities and theme components we can design for your community playground.
Theme Components and Structures are one of our specialties, and designs are available at no extra charge! From a riverboat theme to an elaborate castle, we can make it happen.
Find a Consultant
Your local Landscape Structures Consultant can help you plan and design your playground.
Contact your local Landscape Structures playground consultant to get pricing information and more!