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Certifications and Standards

No one sets the bar higher

We're proud to lead the way and promote healthy lifestyles for children and families, a cleaner environment and strong communities. We're a founding  member of the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA™), an organization that ensures quality and safety for all playground equipment. In addition, we are certified to both ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards, which help ensure that each of our products is safe for children and the environment, and that our equipment is consistently manufactured to the highest-quality standards. In fact, we were the first North American playground equipment manufacturer to be ISO 14001 certified.


For additional information or copies of our certifications, please contact your Landscape Structures playground consultant.

Learn more at the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) website

Landscape Structures is a member in good standing of IPEMA, the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association. IPEMA is a member-driven international trade organization that represents and promotes an open market for manufacturers of play equipment.

In the interest of playground safety, IPEMA provides a Third Party Certification Service whereby a designated independent laboratory validates a participant's certification of conformance to ASTM F1487, Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use, except sections 7.1.1, 10 and 12.6.1; CAN/CSA Z614, Children's Playspaces and Equipment Standards, except clauses 9.8, 10 and 11; or both. The use of the corresponding logo in the Landscape Structures Inc. catalog and Playground Inspirations tablet app signifies that Landscape Structures Inc. has received written validation from the independent laboratory that the product(s) associated with the use of the logo conforms with the requirements of the indicated standards. Check the IPEMA website to confirm product certification. The use zone and fall height requirements on this website are shown to ASTM standards. The requirements for other standards may be different. According to the CSA, playground maintenance and inspection is a continuous and integral part of budgetary costs. The cost of inspection and maintenance shall be considered and incorporated into the budget at the time of design, purchase of equipment and installation (11.1.1 Budgeting).

IPEMA™ is a trademark of the International Play Equipment Manufacturer's Association.

TUV: The European standard for playground equipment.
The European Standard was developed by the European Committee for Standardization. The majority of Landscape Structures products have been designed to be TÜV certified by a third-party validator to EN 1176: 2008, the European Standard for Playground Equipment.
The Canadian Standards Association
Nearly all equipment developed by Landscape Structures is certified to meet CAN/CSA-Z614-07, the Children’s Playspaces and Equipment Standard, through IPEMA.
Learn more at the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) website.

The American Society for Testing and Materials is a scientific and technical organization that is a major developer of standards for testing different types of materials. In 1993, the ASTM published "Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specifications for Playground Equipment for Public Use," designation F1487-93. ASTM is more technical than the CPSC. ASTM revised its old standard and published a new standard in 1995, 1998, 2001, 2005, 2007 and again in 2011.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is a governmental organization that provides technical safety guidelines for designing, constructing, operating and maintaining public playgrounds.
Singapore Standardisation Programme specifies safety requirements.

The Singapore Standardisation Programme
The national standardisation programme develops Singapore Standards on a consensus basis and promotes the wide acceptance of Singapore Standards by industry and government to enhance enterprises' business competitiveness.

The Programme specifies safety requirements that are generally applicable to all stationary fitness equipment. Applies to stationary fitness equipment intended for use by healthy adults, elderly persons and persons with disabilities.

We are an authorized IACET provider.
Landscape Structures has been approved as an Authorized Provider of continuing education and training by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).
Beginning Explorers
Add colorful interactive play panels that encourage creativity to your PlayShaper® playground.
Choose play events for kids ages 2 to 5 that allow them to expand their horizons and create new skills. Climbers, slides and enclosures activities are all great choices!
Playground Additions 
Freestanding components such as swingsets or climbers will add fun and value to any playground.
See how our Unique Signs, made from a variety of materials, can complement your Freestanding Components or other play ground equipment.
Government Agencies
Your Landscape Structures playground consultant is available to help you expedite the purchasing process using our GSA contract.
If you are a federal government agency, learn how to get the best government pricing through our Government contracts.
Find a Consultant
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