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School Playgrounds

School playground design and more...

Whether you're a parent, teacher, principal or a willing member of the community, we want to help you with your school playground. Here you'll find helpful links to help you in your playground planning process. Check out these areas, download our Playgrounds for School brochure and contact your local Landscape Structures playground consultant to get started today.

Learn about Landscape Structures' products that work great for school playgrounds.
School Playground Equipment
We offer the widest range of playground and fitness products available for all age groups --2 to 5, 5 to 12, 13+, to promote healthy lifestyles through play. Learn more.
Landscape Structures is committed to providing play opportunities to children of all abilities.
Bring students of all abilities together on your school's playground with our specially-designed products. Learn more.
Use some of our tools to help make your playground planning process easier.
Planning your school's playground has never been easier when you use our FREE planning materials. Learn more.
Read about fundraising ideas that have been successful for past customers.
Looking for unique ways to raise money for your new playground? Check out some of our ideas and download a letter to get you started. Learn more.
Learn how to earn extra funding for your playground with our grant guide.
Playground grants are one way you can get the funds needed to make your project happen. Learn more.
Learn about our partnership with the National Association of Elementary School Principals.
NAESP and Landscape Structures share a joint commitment to enhancing the lives of children and communities. We're proud to be their exclusive playground partner. Learn more.
Project Fit America has chosen Landscape Structures as it exclusive playground supplier.
For over two decades, PFA has chosen Landscape Structures as their exclusive vendor to custom-build its outdoor equipment components. To date, PFA has donated more than 700 units to schools in more than 300 cities and 40 states. Learn more.
See how math is applicable in the real world--even for designing playgrounds.
Math Teacher Mary Jo Hughes spends the day with Landscape Structures playground designers to learn how different types of mathematics go into the making of a playground. Watch the video here.
Stay up-to-date on the school industry with education-focused blogs.
Stay up-to-date on happenings in the school industry with NAESP's Principals' Office, NSBA's BoardBuzz and the PTO Today Blog.
See some unique playground activities that were created by your peers.
Principals, teachers and parents are always thinking up unique school playground activities for students; read about their ideas and submit your own. Learn more.
Promote safety on the playground with Landscape Structures' safety program.
Teach students about the importance of safety on the playground with the Super Safety Team: Guardians of the Playground. Learn more.
See how past customers feel about working with Landscape Structures.
See for yourself how our customers feel about working with Landscape Structures and our group of independent playground consultants. Learn more.
Beyond Accessibility
Landscape Structures has always been committed to providing accessible playground equipment, so that children of all abilities can enjoy the fun.
Whether you're looking for multiple play events or want an accessible playground, our playground consultants can help you.
Package your Park
Playground climbers like Landscape Structures Aeronets bring great interactive fun to your playground.
Learn how our Unique Signs can complement your Aeronet® Climbers, play events or other play ground equipment.
CSA Certified
At Landscape Structures, our mission revolves around a commitment to children and environmental stewardship.
Nearly all Landscape Structures products are certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CAN/CSA-Z614-07).
Find a Consultant
Your local Landscape Structures Consultant can help you plan and design your playground.
Contact your local Landscape Structures playground consultant to get pricing information and more!