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Resources & Articles

Play Naturally™ Resources & Articles
Get informed, stay connected and take action.
Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv
In this best seller, author and journalist Richard Louv famously coined the term "nature-deficit disorder" to describe what happens when kids are disconnected from nature.
Children & Nature Network (C&NN)
A vast resource for the latest news and research on the importance of reconnecting children with nature.
U.S. Play Coalition
Help promote the value of natural play in the lives of children, adolescents and adults by joining this national play coalition.
Sajai Foundation
The Säjai® Foundation, created by Landscape Structures' cofounder Barb King, develops programs that inspire and motivate kids to achieve a healthy, balanced life. To increase Säjai's reach, they merged with Camp Fire in May 2013. Learn more.
Read the article on Benefits of Nature for Children
Studies shows that children can benefit from playing in natural environment, including improved concentration and school achievement, reduced stress levels, reduced symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and a foundation of environmental stewardship. 
Add just a few natural elements to make a big impact on your play environment.
Adding just a few natural elements to any playground design can make a more attractive and comfortable playground for children and families.
Q&A session with Peter "Gunnar" Gunnarson, an artist and designer with Landscape Structures, on his unique job of making the "natural" come to life.
Play Naturally trends in playground designs
Over the last few decades, playground design has changed a great deal, and today the emerging trend is to balance the benefits of play with the benefits of nature.
Read an article on Go outside and play!
The way many children play today has changed. Some of the important efforts of park and recreation pioneers have set the stage for professionals to help reverse obesity trends "in our backyards".
Beyond Accessibility
Landscape Structures has always been committed to providing accessible playground equipment, so that children of all abilities can enjoy the fun.
Whether you're looking for multiple play events or want an accessible playground, our playground consultants can help you.
Cool your Playground
CoolToppers® Shade Structures keep your playground cool.
Keep things up to 30% cooler on your PlayBooster® play structures with our CoolToppers® shade systems.
New Products
Our new Tree House, AdventureScapes and Inclusive Play Products are designed for children ages 2-5.
Want to know about the latest products available? Click here to see our newest products.
Request a Catalog
Request your free Landscape Structures catalog for all your playground needs.