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Top Picks

Selecting products for the perfect playground

Finding the right products to meet the needs of the children in your community may not always seem easy. We can help you to create the ultimate playground that's safe, the highest quality and perfect for your needs. Here are some of the playground products that our customers have identified to help fill the needs of their playground. 


Learn more about these and all our products by talking to your local Landscape Structures playground consultant.  

Tree House reflects a nature-inspired design with safety and durability built right in.
Get Children Outside to Play
Children ages 8 to 18 are spending an average of 6 1/2 hours per day with electronic media creating a generation of sedentary kids. Customers are attracting kids outside with the natural look and feel of the Tree House and it has playground-friendly safety features built right in.
Theme structures put the WOW in your playground.
Highlighting Uniqueness
Communities who are looking for ways to create a one-of-a-kind look for their playgrounds are choosing our theme products. Our theme designs highlight their unique qualities and still meet all safety standards.
Eclipse™ Net Climber
Reaching New Heights
Children, by nature, seek new challenges. Help them achieve new heights safely by choosing the Eclipse™ Net Climber and provide kids an adventurous voyage of new proportions.
As kids step from pod to pod on the Swiggle Stix™ Bridge, kids flex their mental and physical muscles.
Active Children
As childhood obesity rates soar, parents are looking for ways to keep their children healthy by participating in physical activities. Evos® has been a popular choice among communities, especially the Swiggle Stix® Bridge.
SlideWinder2 is our most popular and versatile slide.
Playground Classics
Swings and slides are a must-have on every playground. Customers rate our SlideWinder2 a favorite because of its versatility. Learn more about our slides and swings.
Swing Out™ Overhead Event can handle multiple kids at one time and provides extra challenge!
Challenge for Older Kids
Keeping kids over age 8 engaged on the playground can be a real challenge. Customers are including the Swing Out™ Overhead Event to engage older kids by experimenting with the power of centrifugal force.
PlayBooster® Wire Crawl Tunnel features an airy, not so scary tunnel experience with excellent visibility.
Having clear site lines on playground for easier supervision is a growing need. Customers often include the Wire Crawl Tunnel as one way to disguise easy supervision as fun!
The CoolToppers® Wave provides a new way to protect kids from the harmful UV rays.
Customers are choosing to include roofs like the Square Poly Roof on their playground in effort to block the sun's harmful UV rays and keep playground temperatures up to 30 degrees cooler. See some of our other roof options.
The OmniSpin™ Spinner creates a sensory wonderland to encourage exploration for children of all abilities.
Sensory Play
With sensory deficit disorders on the rise, communities are looking to create playgrounds that welcome children of all abilities. The Sensory Play Center® and the Saddle Spinner are products that customers are picking to create inclusive playgrounds. Learn more about our inclusive play playground solution.
Learn About Us
LSI is a family-owned business and an employee-owned company (ESOP).
Landscape Structures became an employee-owned company (ESOP) in 2004, which makes employees work harder to exceed your expectations.
Shade your Playground
Shade your playsystem with Landscape Structures CoolToppers® Shade systems.
Block up to 90% of harmful UV rays on your nature-inspired climbers with our CoolToppers® shade systems.
Phased Playgrounds
Plan and install  your LSI playground in Phases as your funds become available.
By building your playground in phases, you can start your playground now and add on as funds become available.
Request a Catalog
Request your free Landscape Structures catalog for all your playground needs.